How to relieve lymphatic edema

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The reasons for the appearance of dark circles and bruises under the eyes are many. Here is the basic and incomplete list:

1. The main cause is a violation of lymphatic and venous outflow.

2. Excessive pigmentation in case of internal organs: liver, heart, kidney, presence of worms, etc.

3. Anatomic structure of the ocular cavity. A large ocular cavity is an individual anatomical feature of the skull. Cosmetologists even have a definition of hollow eyes - the effect of sunken eyes.

4. Overwork, lack of sleep, stress.

5. Chronic poisoning of the body, for example, nicotine with smoking, as during smoking vessels narrow, and the skin is poorly enriched with oxygen, and therefore a bluish color is formed.

6. Endocrine diseases - deficiency of thyroid function: hypothyroidism or myxedema.

7. Improper diet, diet, lack of vitamins C, K, A.

8. Eyelash of the eyes from constant gaze in the computer monitor.

9. Allergies to food, pet hair, poplar fluff, dust. In these cases, the skin around the eyes can become more pigmented, when a person often rubs and combs the skin around the eyes.

10. Photo-aging of the skin - age. The older the person, the thinner the fat layer becomes in the eye area, which leads to a lumen of the blood vessels. Eyes fall, and dark circles - it's just a shadow, lying in the deepened area of ​​the skin. Dryness of the skin around the eyes makes them tired, swollen.

11. Edema of the eyelids - this is due to the expansion and pouring blood of blood vessels, due to the violation of fluid exchange in the body.

12. Natural shadow, with deep-set eyes.

Modern cosmetology has many ways that significantly improve the appearance of the skin around the eyes.

We will describe some of these procedures.

1. Radical methods - the filling of the infraorbital cavity with restylane or with its own fat tissue (lipofilling). Fat is taken from the hips and sticks into the dark circles. Lipofilling has the effect of lifting the skin, and at the same time fills the cavities under the eyes. Unfortunately, with time, the cavities will appear again, and then the procedure will have to be repeated.

2. "Microcurrent therapy" is also lymphatic drainage, improvement of venous outflow, reduction of hyperpigmentation. This procedure perfectly copes with "bruises" under the eyes. It can be carried out at home, if you use the device Pharma-pulse, or the device "Rugalift Fatrotek".

3. Mesotherapy - the procedure is expensive and very painful. It happens that after the procedure there are bruises and asterisks, which soon pass. But if you do not have complications, and a good doctor, the procedure gives a visible result.

4. Electrostimulation - the procedure of lymphatic drainage by special physiotherapy.

5. The laser is an effective means of lightening the bruises under the eyes, when other methods do not help.

6. Facial and neck massage - improves venous and lymphatic outflow, removes swelling and swelling of the veins, which shine through the eyes.

The treatment of bruises under the eyes is not easy andcomplex problem. Therefore, the choice of a good and skilful cosmetologist is more important than ever. In cooperation with him, after a while you will certainly achieve positive results.

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