Swelling of the scrotum after surgery

when the testicular tumor passes after surgery

Hello, doctor, after an operation inguinalhernia was edema of the scrotum from the operated side, now decreased, but a month has passed, and the testicle is still more than the other two times. When can we expect that the size will return to normal? Do I need to do anything?

Symptoms: inguinal hernia, enlarged testicles after operation

Responds Chernookov Alexander Ivanovich
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Hospital Surgery, Moscow Medical Academy im. Sechenov.

A similar situation is possible with stretch plastic,occurs as a result of compression of the elements of the spermatic cord with tissues, which are "pulled together" to eliminate the hernial defect (with stretch plastics of the oblique inguinal hernia). How soon will these symptoms reverse (edema) and whether this happens at all, depends on the features of the surgical technique, the features of the operation. I recommend to consult a surgeon.

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