What to remove the swelling of the knee

For very different reasons, the knees are swelling: as a result of various injuries, diseases, as well as arthrosis of the knee joints. If you saw a slight swelling in your body, you should immediately go to a specialist - phlebologist, traumatologist or osteopath, depending on the situation.

If you did not have any injuries, and your kneeshurt and swell, most likely, you have arthrosis or arthritis, or maybe these two diseases together. It is necessary to entrust their treatment to qualified specialists. And, of course, it is better not to delay with a visit to the doctor. When the disease is triggered, it can lead to serious complications, even before the impairment of motor activity. It is impossible to cure arthrosis in an already severe degree.

But when you turn to the osteopath in time, heat once, he will appoint you a complex treatment. Appeared swelling from the accumulated fluid in the joints and inflammation will be removed with the help of anti-inflammatory drugs - indomethacin, analgin and them at home. When the knee is very swollen, then it can be punctured: it is completely pierced, and then the fluid that has accumulated in it is sucked off.

The edema subsides and the function of the joint is restored. Prescribe at the same time a comprehensive treatment to activate metabolic processes. Individual for each specific case, but mainly except for anti-inflammatory drugs use hondoprotectors and drugs that improve hemodynamics.

When caused swelling of the knee injury, it is stillit is necessary to go to the doctor, it is necessary that the specialist diagnose the danger of injury. But you can ease your condition before a visit to the doctor. First you need to put something cold to the knee (a packet of ice) and try to immobilize it. So that you do not have a frostbite, ice needs to be put in a cotton towel. Cold can reduce pain, and still stop internal bleeding and fluid accumulation, will relieve swelling.

It is best to keep your foot up,you can put a pillow under it. Faster edema will resolve. Also it is necessary to use a variety of local remedies against edema - creams and ointments, there are a lot of them in pharmacies, for example, "Lyoton", "Diclofenac", "Diclac" and others. There are also folk remedies for the removal of edemas of knees, independent preparation. An example, can be ointment from pork fat and thoroughly grinded plantain leaves. Or mixed with semolina porridge, saber leaves are steamed. These funds must be adjusted to swollen places and cover something warm from above.