Edema of the foot how to treat

Posted on June 22, 2013

How to treat leg swelling

There was a long-awaited summer, there was a lot of work around the house and in the suburban area. I want to do everything in time. However, in many people the joy of the coming summer is overshadowed by the appearance of foot swelling by the evening.

In general, there is no big problem here, although swellinglegs weaken the body and reduce efficiency. The topic of today's article, dear readers and guests of the blog "Recipes of Traditional Medicine" - "Swelling of the feet. Treatment with folk remedies. "

The causes of and the prevention of edema

● Swelling of the feet during the hot season is directly related to the amount of liquid drunk. Of course, in the summer, we are thirsty, drink more and create a threat of edema of the legs and not only them.

This threat is most affected by women whose hormonal background is significantly activated by exposure to direct sunlight, which leads to fluid retention in the body.

● The question arises: How to protect yourself from leg swelling? Of course, I really want to quench. But in order to prevent dehydration, we must learn one simple rule: not to limit ourselves to drinking, but to reduce the consumption of food products that increase the need for liquid.

By the way, if you artificiallyto reduce the amount of liquid drunk, your body will be rebuilt in a new way and begin to lay it in tissues, as if in reserve, and the swelling of the legs will become more pronounced.

● Since we are already talking about products provoking addiction to the liquid, let's move on to them. Try to eat less salty, fatty and spicy dishes in the summer.

Reduce the intake of excessively sweetconfectionery, spices, carbohydrates. You can reduce the amount of liquids drunk per day to a rate of 1.5-2 liters per day, if you add lemon juice to the water or start drinking acidified compotes. Definitely, you should give up sugary carbonated drinks.

● What to do if the swelling of the legs appeared withoutvisible for this reason? In such cases, you need to undergo a thorough examination from your local doctor of the therapist to exclude the presence of cardiovascular and renal pathology. varicose veins, etc.

It should be noted that with any of the above pathology swelling of the legs develop at any time of the year, regardless of the amount of fluid consumed.

To clarify the true cause of edema of your legsthe doctor besides the general or common inspection will direct you on US of kidneys, a thyroid gland. ECG, and women are still examined from their doctor gynecologist, the doctor's therapist, to exclude kidney disease.

Conservative treatment of leg edema with the use of pharmaceuticals

● Without waiting for the diagnosis to be clarified, it is recommended to begin treatment of leg edema by using diuretics, but with great care: these drugs are quite active and powerful.

Moreover, any diuretic pharmaceuticalmeans, increasing the excretion of fluid from the body, displays "in passing" and useful trace elements, in particular organic potassium, the lack of which adversely affects the work of the cardiovascular system. Deficiency of potassium provokes cramps and general weakness. For a start, you can take only once no more than 12.5 mg hypothiazide .

● It will be better if you use another diuretic drug - veroshpiron. 25 mg daily from 3-5 to 7-10 days, but no more. The advantage of this drug is that it is a potassium-sparing agent.

"Attention! Any diuretics with edema of the legs and other localizations are best taken, relying on the biological rhythm of the body, that is, at 6-7 am and always on an empty stomach. Women are recommended to take these drugs during the menstrual cycle, when the fluid retention reaches the maximum volume "

● You can also use to treat leg edema with external means. Perfectly relieve the severity and swelling of the legs troquevazine ointment and gel lyoton-1000. These drugs can be used even with varicose veins.

● What if the swelling of the legs is accompanied by pain? The pain arises from the squeezing of the edema of the nerve endings and blood vessels. In such cases, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory ointments such as cetonal or diclofenac .

Apply to the skin swollen limbs needlight, stroking movements and necessarily bottom-up, starting from the foot to the thigh. By the way, in the same way, a foot massage is performed (and not vice versa!). An unbearable pain you can pay off by taking antispasmodics: but-shpu or papaverine (both preparations in tablets).

Recommendations for workaholic summer residents - prevention of edema of the legs

● Most summer residents swelling of the legs develop against the background of vascular pathology. Each summer resident works for several hours a day, bending over the beds, loosening the soil and clearing it of weeds.

Although the work is different, in principle, the position of the body is the same - knee-elbow, provoking a slowdown in the outflow of blood from the blood vessels of the lower limbs.

In this position, veins and femoral arteries become clamped. You can not stay in such a position for too long.

● To prevent foot swelling, choose a small stool or highchair for yourself. Based on these adaptations, it will be easier for you to rise from the ground.

Suspend for 10-15 minutes every half hour work, climb, walk through the cottage area, stretch the muscles of the limbs. Increase the break every 1.5-2 hours.

● In the afternoon after dinner, lie down for 15-20 minutes, lifting your feet to a height of 20-30 cm. Repeat the same thing and in the evening before going to bed. For the legs are very useful contrast baths or a cool shower.

If you water the plants, do not forget a couple of timespour and legs. Cold water provides a sharp reduction in gastrocnemius muscles and blood vessels, contributing to the removal of excess fluid from the body.

Treatment of edema of the feet with folk remedies

● Before running to the pharmacy for diureticsdrugs, use herbal medicines that have a diuretic effect: ready-made kidneys, corn stigmas. a leaf of cowberry, bearberry. These plants will help you remove excess fluid from the body, thereby reducing the swelling of your legs.

● How to prepare diuretics? Insist all night in a thermos one tablespoon of bearberry in a glass of boiling water. In the morning, filter and add boiled water to the original volume. Drink infusion of ⅓ glass in a warm form before meals for 30-40 minutes.

● Another recipe for leg swelling. Boil a couple of minutes one tablespoon chopped cranberry leaf in a glass of boiling water and let it brew for 60 minutes.

Drink three times a day on a tablespoon 20 minutes before eating. Herbs for the treatment of leg edema should be taken within 1-2 months to get the desired result.

● Instead of regular tea with foot swelling, trydaily drink infusion of fresh garden parsley. which has an easy diuretic effect. 2-3 spoons of chopped greens pour a half-liter of boiling water and let it rest for several minutes.

This is your dose for the day. You can, of course, simply eat regular parsley, adding it to salads and dishes. Overflowing thirst with success will satisfy a green cucumber from your garden, it will replace to you a glass of water.

My wife sometimes has swelling of the legs. This is when the whole day working in the garden. The above recipes always help her. Try and you.

Be healthy, friends! God give you.