Swelling in front of the ear

With diabetes mellitus (age over 60) it becomes darker ineyes, the heart works slowly, intermittently, quickly. The tiredness, the legs hurt. The head presses, the veil in the gases (there is cataract), although the pills are for diabetes, and the heart is taken, but it's still bad, can diabetes affect well-being or is it a problem with other bodies? read more

Hello, is it possible to mix drugsFerveks and Ketonal? Disease Ankylosing spondylitis, and at the moment - a cold. I took Fervex to relieve the symptoms of a cold, now I would like to remove the painful effect of spondillitis. is it possible? read more

Good afternoon. today is the day of hospital discharge. but for poor health I can not visit a doctor. If you call a specialist at home. whether the current hospital is omitted. read more

What could it be?

At the daughter (19 years):Strong headaches, lays ears, weakness, internal heat, sensations in the nose, throat, ears like a cold, but there is no cough, no coughing, no sneezing. Pressure - between the upper and lower differences of 30 or less, for example 93 -67 102-75, etc. A status-a week. Drank Nurofen, use the geneferon. Chronic constipation, attacks of nausea after each meal, there are problems with bile, with zhkt constantly. They called the doctor 16.09, went to the reception on 23.09. The local doctor said that everything is fine, and issued a certificate, 2 directions: for a general blood test and urine read more

Pain in the armpit and in the left side

When I have a cough, starts to hurt in the armpit andin the left side! (closer to the armpit) Pain unbearable! Ie not colitis, but something else! Can not understand exactly where it hurts and what it is! Help me please! If I missed the spelling errors I'm sorry! read more