Edema under the chin

If you have thoughts about oncology, do not rush to make such sad conclusions.

Tumors develop for a long time, and densification (cones) is sometimes formed overnight.

In the neck is a large numberlymph nodes. These formations support the functioning of the immune system. In the lymph nodes, lymphocytes are concentrated and ripen. If necessary, immune cells quickly reach the foci of infection from the nearest lymph node.

In diseases of the upper respiratory tract, these nodes are activated immediately below the lower jaw. At the same time, there are no external changes on the neck.

But if the infection is severe, and the microbes get into the lymph node, then it can become inflamed, which results in a lump. This process is called lymphadenitis. Symptoms of lymphadenitis:
  • Increase and consolidation (to the touch like a lump);
  • soreness or pain when pressed;
  • deterioration of well-being;
  • elevated temperature.

Very often after increase, after sometime they return to their normal state after getting rid of an infectious disease. However, if the state of health does not improve, the pain does not fade, and the skin in the area of ​​the lymph node turns red, be sure to show the doctor - most likely lymphadenitis passed into a purulent form.

In addition to colds, inflammation can also lead to diseases of the oral cavity, herpes.

However, our body is complex and every phenomenonthere is not one reason, but several. And, such compaction may also occur due to the formation of a tumor or cyst. In any case, you do not need to warm it and pull it. For the treatment of lymphadenitis, you may need to consult the following specialists:
  1. therapist;
  2. dentist;
  3. the surgeon;
  4. hematologist;
  5. endocrinologist.

Also, swelling on the skin can become a harbinger of the resulting pimple.

On the causes of rashes and their diversity, Itold me earlier. Now I will give a few soft remedies that will help to remove redness, inflammation and rash on the chin. Soft means means safe, but not very strong.

The sequence is an herb that favorably affectsskin, even nursery. Two tablespoons of herbs pour 2 cups of boiling water and leave for 30 minutes. Wipe the skin with a moistened cotton swab or make lotions.

Use decoctions of other plants withanti-inflammatory effect: chamomile, calendula, arnica. A good antiseptic effect has tea tree oil: apply a drop directly to the pimple.

Lymphadenitis can be caused by herpes. This disease is often manifested on the lips, but herpes on the chin is also able to occur. The truth is that this does not affect the treatment: use acyclovir or another anti-Hepatitis drug.

Summarize: bump under the chin often goes on independently, however, sometimes an operation is required to remove the cone (about what some people still delete from the lower jaw, read here).