Cere head swelling

The reasons for the edema of the hands are interesting to those who suffer from thisailment. The swelling of the hands is the result of the accumulation in the hands of a fluid called interstitial fluid. Edema can be unilateral or bilateral, can develop gradually or suddenly. With immobility, swelling is usually worse, and when exercising or lifting hands, it decreases.

The following causes of swelling of the hands can be distinguished:

  • Allergic reactions, when the swelling of the hands was caused by some allergen;
  • Disorders in the work of the central nervous system;
  • In the syndrome of the superior vena cava;
  • With thrombophlebitis there is a fairly painful swelling of the hands;
  • Injuries to the hand can subsequently lead to the fact that the hands will swell;
  • Burns;
  • Immunological diseases;
  • The intoxication that occurred when the poisonous animal was attacked.

In order to get rid of the swelling of the hand, you should consult a doctor and follow all his instructions.

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