Allergic edema of the larynx

Unlike allergic reactions on the body from the outside: on the face, eyelids, lips, the laryngeal edema is not immediately apparent. But it is very dangerous, especially when manifested in children as a reaction to a product.

This kind of allergic reaction can be caused by a variety of allergens,but most often occurs as a manifestation of food or slightly less - a drug allergy. It appears immediately and is usually observed in children with severe allergic diathesis.

The most important symptoms are a rough barking cough as if with"Metallic" tinge, hoarse voice and complaints of increasing choking. First of all, it's hard for a person to breathe. The main visual feature is blueing of the mucous membranes in the oral cavity. All these symptoms often develop with lightning speed, and in the absence of emergency medical care a person may suffocate.

The image shows an allergic swelling of the lumbar lining of the larynx

In anticipation of an ambulance, emergency care when swelling of the larynx and throat can start with a hotbath (39-40 degrees), in which the feet or hands of the patient are dipped. The mucous membrane of the larynx is irrigated with a 0.1% solution of epinephrine hydrochloride. Depending on the age, intramuscularly administered antihistamines (suprastin, dimedrol, pipolfen, tavegil). If there is no effect for 10 minutes, the patient needs an intravenous drip infusion of the prednisolone solution in an isotonic sodium chloride solution.

Anyway emergency hospitalization is necessary. Further treatment should be under the supervision of a doctor with the help of antihistamines and glucocorticoid hormones. It is necessary to pass tests on the definition of an allergen.

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Mom, please share your experience and knowledge. Our situation: 1.5 years. The doctor diagnosed an allergic edema of the larynx, cough, at first dry, now with wheezing and gurgling, a person is sick of coughing - crying, screaming, but until the gasping it did not come, until, anyway. Temperature 38.5 third day. What we do: fenistil, nurofen, bifidum, dry cough medicine. We turn on the humidifier, do wet cleaning, sit over a hot bath and drink frequently.

Remove from the house carpets and other dust collectors,animals, track the baby's nutrition for potential allergens recently introduced into food products. And in general, it would be necessary to consult with the allergist. Something I do not remember at all an allergy that would give the temperature.

Look at the flowering time table for various trees and herbs. Look, when you started allergies, which at this time blossomed - maybe you suspect the allergen. When it fades, everything will pass away.