Lip tattoo swelling

Permanent make-up of lips or otherwise lip tattoo - this is one of the most common procedures that are done on the face, since it helps:

  • look chic and without lipstick;
  • visually adjust the shape and size of the lips.

Before you begin the procedure of tattooinglips, a sketch is being developed, where you can express your wishes on the shape of the lip contour. The contour is drawn with a special handle very carefully, as the tattoo machine, in contrast to the pencil for lips, conducts a very clear line.

The choice of pigment from the whole variety of shadesshould produce a specialist. In this case, of course, your opinion is taken into account, as well as the color of your hair and skin color. The master must make the right choice to anticipate the color change of the pigment after it is injected into the skin.

Normally, the procedure does not end with the outline of the contour, then the feathering is performed, which ensures a color transition from the contour to the pink border of the lips evenly.

The idea of ​​a permanent make-up of lips isthe creation of such an option, in which you will all have luscious lips and without lipstick. But it is also implied that lipstick can be used on top of the tattoo.

Sometimes it is possible to almost completely fill the lip rim with a pigment, and after that some women refuse lipstick.

There is also such a variant of permanent lip makeup, when the contour is given more clarity of the line and a more saturated natural tone than the color.

The type of anesthesia is chosen individually and thereforeanesthesia gives effect from partial to full. When using the same modern German apparatus, you can perform the procedure of lip tattoo without anesthesia.

After the procedure, tattooing of the lips often causes swelling of the lips, which lasts up to 3 days. To reduce the edema, a cold compress is applied.

To accelerate the healing and prevent the formation of crusts, it is necessary to lubricate the lips for one week with a special ointment with vitamins. Do not use lipstick.
After the lip tattoo procedure, the appearance ofHerpes reaction, which worsens the result of the procedure. To avoid this, it is necessary to use the antiviral drug in a prophylactic dose several days before the procedure.