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EDEMA - (oedema), accumulation of a watery liquid(a transudate) in the tissues (see Vodianka). Edema can be local or general, common (see Anasarca). The composition of the water fluid (see Transudate) is susceptible in different cases to O. significant fluctuations, ... ... Great Medical Encyclopedia

EDEMA Accumulation of excess liquid intissues. It may be common (with kidney disease, cardiovascular system, metabolic disorders, eating hunger edema, etc.) and local (eg with thrombophlebitis, inflammation) ... Large Encyclopedic Dictionary

Edema - If the pressure in the blood (venous) vesselsrises above the known level due to difficulty in the outflow of venous blood, paralysis of the vasculature, lymph circulatory disorder or due to the combination of several of these conditions, or, ... ... Encyclopedia of Brockhaus and Efron

EDEMA - (oedema) accumulation of excessfluid in the tissues; otherwise the given state is called dropsy. The swelling of the tissues arising as a result of edema can be local, as, for example, in trauma or inflammation, or ... ... Explanatory dictionary on medicine

edema - (oedema) excessive accumulation of fluid in the tissues of the body ... A large medical dictionary

Edema - If the pressure in the blood (venous) vesselsincreases above a certain level due to difficulty in the outflow of venous blood, paralysis of the vasomotor nerves, lymph circulation disorder or due to a combination of several of these conditions ... ... Encyclopedic Dictionary Brockhaus and I.A. Efron

Edema - edema of 1 m. 1. Bloating due to accumulation in the tissues of a watery fluid. 2. Swelling as a result of such swelling. II m. Trace left by the flowing fluid; underhand. Explanatory dictionary of Ephraim. T. F. Efremova. 2000 ... The modern explanatory dictionary of the Russian language Efremova

EDEMA - accumulation under the skin and in internal organsliquid effusion from the blood. O. is painless, without fever, being a sign of another disease, and malignant as an independent disease, expressed in acute inflammation ... ... Agricultural Directory

Edema - edema of the ICD 10 R60. MKB 9 782.3 Edema (Latin oedema) excessive accumulation of water in organs, extracellular tissue spaces of the body ... Wikipedia

Edema - honey. sweating of fluid in the tissue (on the skin it looks like a painful blister) ... Universal additional practical dictionary of I. Mostitsky

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