Swelling of fifth

a city in Pakistan, the administrative center of the province of Balochistan. 285 thousand inhabitants (1981). Food, chemical industry, mechanical workshops. Crafts. Cathedral mosque in the 18th century.

Austrian historian. One of the organizers of the pacifist movement, published the Journal of Historical Sciences (1888-96). The Nobel Peace Prize (1927, together with F. Buisson).

religious doctrine, leading the ideal of passiveobedience to the will of God before the requirement to be indifferent to one's own "salvation." It arose in the 17th century. within Catholicism, was condemned by church authorities. In a figurative sense - contemplation, inactivity.

city ​​and port in India, pcs. Kerala. 200 thousand inhabitants (1991). Processing of cashew nuts; electrotechnical, paper enterprises. To the south of Quilon is the development of monazite sands.

river in the Congo. 700 km, the basin area is 60 thousand km2. It flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Average water discharge in the lower reaches of approx. 1200 m3 / s. The rascal. It is navigable in the lower reaches (75 km).

German therapist. Author of works on the pathology and therapy of various diseases, mainly blood vessels and liver. In 1882 he studied in detail the acute angioedema of the skin (Quincke edema). Described a nail capillary pulse in the absence of aortic valves (Quincke's symptoms). Has put into practice a number of medical devices.

sudden limited edema of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, mucous membrane, more often on the face; keeps from several hours to several days; manifestation of allergy.

state in the north-east of Australia. 1727.2 thousand km2. Population 3.1 million people (1993). Adm. c. - Brisbane.

a musical ensemble of 5 performers, as well as musical works for this ensemble.

Roman speaker and theoretician of oratory. The treatise "On the Education of the Speaker" is the most detailed preserved course of ancient rhetoric with a digression into the history of Greek and Roman literature.

The number represented in the decimal notation is a one with 18 zeros, i.e. number 1018; in some countries the quintillion is 1030.

the basis, the very essence of something; in the antiquenatural philosophy - the ether introduced by Aristotle, the thinnest fifth element (element) along with water, earth, air, fire; later - the finest substance in general, the "extract" of all elements (Paracelsus).

a misunderstanding that arose as a result of the fact that one person, thing, concept is taken for another. In a figurative sense - confusion, adventure, an extraordinary incident.

the river in Georgia, the left tributary of Rioni. 140 km, the area of ​​the basin is 3630 km2. Average water consumption approx. 90 m3 / s. On the Kviril - gg. Sachkhere, Chiatura, Zestafoni.

the city of Zestafoni in Georgia until 1921.

in Roman mythology the deity, originallySabinsky god, whose sanctuary was on the hill Quirinale. After the conclusion of Romulus, the peace with the Sabines entered the Roman pantheon. The name of Quirin was worshiped by the deified Romulus. It is possible that, in honor of Quirinus, Roman citizens called themselves quirits.