How to deal with kidney swelling

How to deal with edema in case of kidney problems

Bags under the eyes, puffiness of the face, swellingextremities - all these signs suggest thoughts about problems with the kidneys. A large amount of tea or water drunk before going to bed, an abundance of salty and spicy food for dinner - all this worsens the work of already diseased kidneys and causes swelling.

The appearance of renal edema is influenced by the following factors:

- with decreasing urination in the body, sodium is retained;
- with rapid and normal urination, protein leaves with urine;
- Violation of the filtration function of the kidneys;
- Increased levels of hormone-aldosterone.

But not always swelling indicates a problem withkidneys. Kidney swelling forms during sleep. Excess fluid at night does not go out with urine, and the general activity of the body at this time slows down. Edema is formed under the eyes - in a loose cutaneous retina, then they appear in other parts of the body. Usually, renal edema is pronounced in the morning, and by the evening they pass. Therefore, if the legs swell by evening - the kidneys are not to blame, most likely, a person has heart problems or veins damaged by varicose veins.

But if indeed on the occurrence of edema affectsick kidneys, you should think about how to avoid puffiness. It is advisable not to eat salty foods at all or to limit salt intake to a minimum. It is allowed to consume no more than 1.5-3 g of salt per day. It is best to add a dish at the table, and not add salt during cooking, so it will be much easier to determine the amount.

Care should be taken to select products. You need to give your body as much protein as it needs. In the diet of the patient must necessarily include sour-milk products, lean fish and meat. It is best to boil fish and meat. Fans of sausages, wursts and ham, cheeses and canned foods will have to say goodbye to them, because these products contain a lot of salt. Also prohibited are acute fish, mushroom and meat broths, gravies, smoked meat. It is not desirable to drink strong coffee and tea.

Total amount of liquid consumed per dayshould not exceed five glasses. Therefore, you need to drink beverages, soups and liquid cereals a day not more than one liter. A lot of benefit will come from leafy vegetables - parsley, celery, caraway, green onions and garlic.

In the summer, do not forget aboutremarkable diuretics - melon and watermelon, which quenches thirst well. Many people replace diuretic drugs with natural juices. For example, you can make juice from carrots, fresh cucumbers and beets, all these products are taken in the same proportions. The juice from parsley and celery will do. The third part of a glass of such natural remedy is able to replace one diuretic tablet. You can prepare various renal phytogens at home on your own or buy them at a pharmacy. But first you need to consult a doctor who will offer the most optimal variant of phytopreparation.

Compositions of medicinal herbal mixtures needchange every 1.5-2 months, so as not to cause addiction to them. After the course of taking herbs, you need to take a break for two weeks. It is recommended to use phytopreparations in the second half of the day, taking into account the biological rhythm of the genitourinary system.

If the result of treatment with plantpreparations insignificant, the doctor can appoint or nominate medicines-diuretics. Usually they start to drink from small doses, gradually the dose increases. With proper treatment of the disease that provoked fluid retention, renal edema disappears quickly and does not disturb the patient any more if he adheres to the diet and follows all the recommendations of the treating doctor.

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