After sea procedures, you swell all over

Hello! 1,5 years ago, I had an operation to remove the veins on the lower limb after thrombophlebitis. Tell me please why the leg is constantly swelling, on the leg (on the lower leg, slightly above the foot), there is a hepered compacted area about 10 cm by 5 cm in size, it was before surgery, the doctor made a cut on it, but it never disappeared after surgery, for it the leg swells and what it can be. that can be done. the site is not painful, but sometimes it seems like a little sweating and there is aching pain in the calf. I apply Wishnevsky ointment, it gets better, and the swelling subsides, but the ointment with a very strong smell, and I work, use it often is not possible, can tell me what else you can use, I have 10 incisions on my leg, with them everything seems to be normal, ordinary stitches, but this one causes me anxiety. We do not have an angiosurgeon in the area, so once again we'll ask for advice, please advise something and yet, right after the opera The doctor has appointed Flebodei, and whether to drink it further and when they did not say or can still something you can drink. Thank you in advance.

Hello. When loading, be sure to wear a compression knitwear, or bandage your leg. Ointment, replace with lyoton 1000 or troxevasin gel. Flooding take courses 2 times a year 1-5 - 2 months. Good luck.

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Hello!For several years now I suffer from the fact that in the summer the feet and hands are "burning" and slightly swollen, and in winter they freeze so that it is difficult to warm them (like ice). In what there can be a reason and how it or her to treat?

Hello! Two weeks ago, an ankle joint surgery (arthroscopy) was performed, and today the foot is red in the vertical position. After I start walking she gets a normal color and in case I lie down, just the redness disappears, but tingling starts in several fingers. Whether it is necessary to address with this question internally to the doctor or after two weeks after operation it is normal? Thank you in advance for your response!

Zdrastvujte 35 week the gynecologist has directed to the vascular surgeon. varicose veins, say it threatens cesarean.

Hello. 2.5 months ago I badly hurt my leg below the knee in front. Walking could immediately, at first glance, damaged only the skin was. The leg is swollen only in the region of the shin (soft tissue under the knee). This time passed, and there is no swelling in the lower leg, and is clearly visible more posterior to the leg than from the front. At this point, the foot is almost half as large. Stop Not swollen, no pain, no veins visible. What could it be? Thank you.

Hello. Made ultrasound of the thyroid gland. Uzzist said that one of the vessels was significantly expanded. Recommended to consult a vascular surgeon. Most clinics do not have such a doctor. To whom to go on this issue? To the endocrinologist, to the phlebologist (on the Internet they write that this is the same thing as the vascular surgeon, although the doctor deals mostly with veins), or to search for the vascular surgeon?

strongly swollen feet, upper part, with antibiotics swelling subsided, the course of taking the tablets is finished and again swelling of the strong legs like pillows

During the last five days I often lie onback, ill with salmonella, the temperature is. I take an antibiotic prescribed by a doctor. And recently has begun ischemia of the left leg. Saves only a long walk or a coup on the stomach. What could it be? How to get rid (heal). And whether I need to conduct a checkup with a doctor in the near future.

I wear compression clothes of 2 classes. Tell me, is it addictive? The instructions say that after stopping wearing, the disease can progress. Then what's the point in the underwear? thank you in advance for your response

Hello. my name is Rostislav to me 31 year old live in Penza I work as a loader!

Hello) I have every year more and moremore vascular mesh, I'm 28 and my legs are scared, what now in life to smear with ointments for prevention, or can I cure? I need to get rid of them))) what procedures will advise and which doctor will perform them?

Hello! After embolization, Davef passed 4 months. Nothing bothers you. Can I fly by plane?

Good afternoon. When pushing, he got on his knee and passed the blood vessels. Now I can not stand on my knee, it hurts. smeared with ointment does not help. how to heal or repair the vessels. Thank you

A week ago, an operation was performed for the secondleg (right), the left operation was 2 weeks earlier and there all without any problems. And on this leg yesterday, the seams were removed. On the leg near the sutures and punctures of the hematoma, but two of them slightly bleed. The doctor said, just for a few days, stick it all. But I'm worried how long this can last? Can this be complicated by suppuration? And most importantly, how best to treat these hematomas?

Hello, I have varicose veins of the lower extremities,made operations on the removal of veins, but they appear with time again. Three days ago, there was a fighting sensation and redness on the leg where the joint of the lower leg and the foot, the sensation and the redness intensified, today the spots acquire a blue tint, the tumors and pain intensified. Tell me what is this?

Is it possible to swim in the sea with a trophic ulcer?