Why during the monthly swelling

Many people in their lives have experienced this -bloating - and very few people liked it: unpleasant sensations, awkwardness, unaesthetic, heaviness. Often the cause of this condition are problems with the digestive system, inaccuracies in the diet. In some cases, it is easy enough to adhere to a diet, some require more serious medication.

But in women, bloating can causeonly products, but also natural hormonal changes. Bloating is a frequent companion of premenstrual syndrome, accompanies menstruation. There may also be different reasons - bloating may be caused by interstitial fluid retention in the body. In addition to bloating, swelling of the face and extremities, thirst, decreased function of urination are observed. But with premenstrual syndrome, abdominal distension can be caused by changes in the nervous system, accompanied by changes in the emotional sphere, migraine headaches, nervousness, insomnia, etc.

Bloating during menstruation - so what to do?

Non-drug treatment is to normalize the working and rest regime,sleep, exercise is necessary, dieting, especially in the second half of the cycle. Avoid carbonated drinks, fatty foods, legumes, raw vegetables and fruits. Also avoiding bloating will help fractional nutrition (frequent, small portions), thoroughly chewing food, not washing down food with water. To reduce the likelihood of fluid accumulation, it is recommended to remove or greatly reduce salt, foods with high salt content (sausage, broth cubes, chips, etc.) from the ration. It will help reduce the likelihood of abdominal bloating restriction in the use of sugar, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol.

Medication involves the general treatment of premenstrualsyndrome, which includes sedatives (sedatives), painkillers, diuretics and anti-allergic drug groups. To combat bloating during menstruation, take vitamins E and B, as well as magnesium and potassium. The problem can also be addressed by drugs designed to combat bloating.

If the bloating during the period of the month causes inconvenience and causes anxiety, and it is impossible to cope with the problem on its own, then you should seek help from a doctor.