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The main causes of puffiness in the face and ways to combat swelling. Self-massage of the face, lymphatic drainage against swelling.

Lack of fluid in the body usually leads to swelling of the face and when the body is unable to remove the accumulated liquid and sodium. Causes of edema of the face there may be some diseases: cardiovascular, endocrine system, kidneys, genitourinary system, liver, thyroid problems. Swelling often occurs during pregnancy and it is quite normal. Other causes of puffiness in the face: after alcohol abuse, severe heat, some diets, late dinner, PMS, lack of vitamins and trace elements, overwork, sinusitis, allergy, etc.
Puffiness of the face can be and at healthy people, but occasionally.
If the swelling is of a regular nature, you should consult a doctor who will help to identify the true cause and prescribe medication.
General recommendations for all: drink from 8 glasses of pure water or thawedeven more useful. You can also calculate the amount of water by your weight: 30 ml. for 1 kg of weight. For example, if the weight is 50 kg, then you need 1.5 liters of water. This amount of water helps wash away sodium from the body. Not all of course can drink as much water, but it can be replaced with herbal tea, but not sweet or with honey. Some herbs are diuretics and are useful for swelling: corn stigmas, bear's eye and others. To remove from the body an excess of salts that contribute to the edema of the face, a bay leaf will help. Pour a glass of boiling water 3-4 leaves and drink infusion during the day on a tablespoon.
Sleep preferably 8-9 hours and on a firm low pillow. Do not eat at night: the recommended time for dinner is 3-4 hours before bedtime. Often the cause of edema is the late dinner.

There are many ways to combat edema of the face and eyelids. To cover up an edema a voice-frequency cream as you understand, not always probably. Council cosmetologist . to avoid edema: the night nourishing cream should be applied no later than 2 hours before bedtime, and the excess cream is then removed with a napkin after 15-20 minutes.

Consider some available folk remedies against swelling.
1. Mask for 10-15 minutes of raw mashed potatoes - effectively removes the swelling of the face.
2. Increases skin tone and relieves puffiness, moistened with strong infusion of green tea, napkin. Hold for 15 minutes.

3. Cosmetic masks against edema usually containmineral substances, algae, bioactive additives, dirt, vitamins A, C, E. Horsetail in the mask tones up the skin, and plant components of guarana and ivy - stimulate microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. All these components of masks help the skin get rid of excess water, give the skin tone and firmness.
Antipyretic masks are done 2 to 3 times a week by a course of 5 to 10 procedures, applied for 15 minutes on massage lines.
Now available for sale are fabric masks thatalready impregnated with the necessary composition, which covers the necessary areas of the skin and penetrates deeper into the deep layers of the skin. This mask should be applied to thoroughly cleansed skin.

4. Those who are not prone to colds (sinusitis,sinusitis), from the morning swelling will help ice cubes from decoction of chamomile, cornflower, celandine, calendula, sage, pink petals and other herbs. Herbal ice cubes can be wiped face every time you notice swelling.

5. In some cases, against facial swelling is goodhelps - facial massage. You can do it not only in the beauty salon, but also independently at home. When self-massage a person needs to iron, pinch and pat him, alternating movements on massage lines. Massage movements always start from the center to the periphery, from top to bottom - along the forehead, under the eyes, from the bridge to the temples, along the lower zygomatic arch - along the lines of Langer, without greatly stretching the skin. With massage, the circulation of blood and lymph is restored, the metabolism in the skin improves, thereby causing the excess fluid to escape. The session of such massage is 15 minutes. An even better effect will be given by the cooling mask or compress applied after the massage.
I want to give your attention the video manual lymphodrainage self-massage face - against swelling and to improve skin tone.

6. People who have time and means canUse the services of a cosmetologist if you are not sure of your own abilities. Of course, first you need to exclude the causes of puffiness associated with health and only then go to cosmetologists. Cosmetology is not capable of miracles, if the puffiness of the face is associated with health, but can only give a temporary cosmetic effect. Modern procedures in beauty salons solve many problems, as well as getting rid of puffiness in the face. When swelling of the face apply: professional massage, special masks, lymphatic drainage, various hardware methods, selected for each client.

I hope that all these tips and recipes from the puffiness of the face will help you to keep the beauty and youth of the skin, and also to strengthen health.

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