How to deal with edema after castration

I signed up for ru_cats but I do not have much time to read.

Besides, I'm not a vet.

I have only 8 cats, 9 cats at home (half of them cats or animals), + several supervised cats. I'm a regular at Peek, I'm on the cats portal.

In the main, my information is the resultown experience (both treatment of virus carriers, various toxicoses - not always successfully, and skills of resuscitation) + meaningful and formatted information on treatment and drugs, which are discussed at PIK. After all, there are few animals from the street, and even more so from the grave, which are healthy. So we have a "unique" opportunity on dozens and hundreds of times to compare the effectiveness of treatment regimens or, for example, the variability of the symptoms of the disease.

But I'm always happy to help with advice (do not take on the functions of a doctor) - WHAT can be done at the beginning, what to suspect and how to coordinate with the doctor a treatment regimen

It is best to go back to where we did, andto appear. It can be inflammation from the infection (not necessarily in the clinic - the cat licked and sometimes it's enough). Or maybe an allergic reaction to the antiseptic.
Should be serviced inexpensively, and even completely free.
From home remedies to a doctor (but not in place of) -put an Elizabethan collar on the neck of the cat so that it does not spill the wounds (sold in the market or in other normal pet stores) and treat the wounds with 70% alcohol. All that around them, too, handle it, but do not get on the anus and prep.
The doctor will most likely prescribe an antibiotic and local treatments.