Why do I swell all the time

Because of what diseases can swell the legs in humans

Swelling of the legs is one of the symptoms of a number of cardiovascular diseases. In this case, in addition to the occurrence of edema, the face often swells, the skin and lips become pale with a cyanotic shade.

This phenomenon can also be associated with kidney disease. If as a result of insufficiently effective functioning in the body excess fluid is retained, edema develops.

Swelling of the legs can be a consequence of hypertonicdisease, and also diseases of veins, including such widespread, as varicosity. In this case, soon after the onset of swelling, a well-defined capillary net appears under the skin and pain begins. Often the pain syndrome becomes so strong that it is difficult for a person to move around. Swelling of the legs can also appear as a result of metabolic disorders, an allergic reaction.

Since there are many reasons for the onset of edema of the legs, and only the doctor can prescribe the correct diagnosis and prescribe the treatment, it will be most reasonable to seek medical advice.

What else can be caused swelling of the legs

Often swelling, arising in the morning,testify to excessive load on the legs. This happens in cases when a person is overweight, or he has to stand for a long time by the nature of his work, or regularly lift weights. A very common cause of foot edema is an uncomfortable tight shoe. If these reasons are added together, the likelihood that the legs will swell, increases many times! This problem is often faced by women wearing narrow high-heeled shoes.

The cause of swelling of the legs can be an abundance of saltfood in the diet or the habit of drinking a lot of liquid in the evening. Often, edemas are caused by a sedentary lifestyle, which is so characteristic of residents of large cities (especially office workers).

How to get rid of swelling in such cases? Should be chosen more comfortable and spacious shoes, if possible, to avoid too heavy loads, reduce salt intake and drink plenty of fluids, especially at bedtime. Well, warm foot baths with broths of medicinal herbs, contrast shower, foot massage help. At the same time, people with excess weight need to take measures to get rid of extra pounds. In any case, it is better to seek qualified help, rather than self-medicate. If the cause of swelling lies in any disease, it is impossible to eliminate the cause by yourself.