Is it possible to take tamoxifen for swelling of the quinta

Elvina Ramilyevna
Female 23 years old.
Russia Ufa

Good afternoon! My mother is 54 years old, in February 2009 she had an operation on her breast (removed her left breast completely). I took 4 courses of chemotherapy. After chemotherapy therapy began to Drink (October 2009) ARIMEDEX. In December 2009, a bone scan was performed (no medostasis was found), in February 2010, there was an ultrasound of the abdominal cavity + right breast (no suspicion of a tumor was detected). ARIMEDEKS has been singing for a year already. As they began to drink, they immediately began to suffer with joints. He is very afraid that there is a medostasis on some kind of organ. Is this true? In November 2010, I passed the analysis "Oncomarker" the result showed 2.2 (at a rate of up to 4). Does it always show the right result?
At the moment, the joints of the legs are aching (alltwists around his knees), and she is very sweating (back, hair), waking at night all wet, the entire pillow is wet! Just all sweaty. Previously, not when this was not.

P.S. Is it possible to drink TAMOXIFEN without the advice of a doctor. And in general it is compatible with ARIMEDEX?

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Thank you in advance.

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