Polidex or isofra with edema

The main purpose of the article below is to compare the two drugs and explain to people in understandable language all the pluses and minuses of their application.

It is worth noting that before you start using this or that drug you need to consult a doctor and carefully read the instructions that should be in each package.

Isofra is an antibiotic in the form of a spray thatIt is used for bacterial rhinitis and subsequent complications: sinusitis, pharyngitis. The spray contains a solution of the antibiotic Framicetin. Treatment with this spray brings excellent results. Only in some cases this drug is not active.

But, if you decide to treat tonsillitis. pharyngitis, runny nose, then Isophra is an excellent remedy. It can be used by both adults and children.

Before you begin, you need to readinstruction. It reads all the indications and contraindications. dose, side effects and much more. By the way, allergic reaction and dysbacteriosis are frequent side effects. This should be paid special attention, especially if the drug should be taken by a child. You can also read reviews of people who took Isofro.

Pay attention to reviews worth, but you can not rely on them. Each person has his own peculiarities of the body and decide whether this drug is suitable for you, only a doctor.

Before prescribing Isofro, the doctor will examine and take an analysis of mucus. Only then will a dose be prescribed.

This spray can be treated for ten days. But, if improvement has not been achieved for four days, then you need to change the medicine.

Antibiotic Isofra comes in the form of a spray anddrop. It is better to use a spray. He can penetrate the most inaccessible places. Droplets are difficult to dig in, especially to the child. Part of the drug enters the larynx and the person swallows it, and part flows back.

Many believe that Isofra is an analogPolidex. This is completely wrong. The fact is that in its composition Polidex contains two antibiotics: neomycin and polymyxin B. Each of these groups affects different microorganisms. Therefore, Polydex is an excellent tool in the treatment of bacterial colds.

Polidexa also contains phenylephrine. This is an anticongent, which allows you to narrow the vessels in the nasal mucosa. As part of Polidex, there is a hormone that has an anti-inflammatory effect and protects against allergic reactions. Therefore, this drug can be prescribed to people prone to allergic reactions. Just do not self-medicate. This drug contains a hormone, so it can harm the body if you exceed the allowable dose.

The preparation of Polidex is treated with sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis. Children can use this drug no earlier than 2.5 years.

Polidexa has a large number of contraindications.

It is worth not to use the drug if:

  1. There is intolerance to the components,
  2. There are ongoing viral infections,
  3. There are violations in the work of the kidneys,
  4. The presence of glaucoma,
  5. Age to 2.5 years,
  6. Treatment with monoamine oxidase inhibitors,
  7. Pregnancy at any time.

It is worth noting that it is better not to use Polidex for athletes. When testing for doping, the test can give a positive result.

Comparing these two drugs, you can chooseone of them that most suits you. Only before this it is necessary to consult with the attending physician. Otherwise, you can damage your health.

Only after visiting the doctor and putting all the necessary tests can you find out the exact diagnosis and prescribe a treatment.

Still it is worth noting that the preparations of Isofra and Polidex do not need to be taken for more than ten days. They contain antibiotics. And antibiotics can undermine the body and "kill" immunity.