Hypoallergenic diet with swelling of the quinta

Allergies ... A person unfamiliar with thisthe allergy seems something harmless and frivolous. And to allergic people, it essentially poisons life. And it happens that everything starts with an allergy to pollen, and ends with food allergy. When and on the street do not go out, and milk with honey can not drink. In general, an unpleasant condition.

On the one hand, it is possible to alleviate the manifestation of allergic symptoms (cough, runny nose, itching and swelling of the mucous membranes, a rash). And on the other - hypoallergenic diet. Regardless of what type of allergyyou, whether it's pollinosis or urticaria, you should stick to such a diet. Since today you can still eat orange peacefully, and tomorrow because of it you can have Quincke's swelling.

Allergy is a serious disorder in the body. And, in the first place, people suffering from it, are obliged to see a doctor. The recommendations below are the smallest that you can do yourself.

Recommendations for nutrition for allergy sufferers

People with allergies should eatexclusively hypoallergenic products. It is necessary to completely exclude possible allergens, because the body reacts to them as pathogens, and begins to produce antibodies, hence all the problems.

So, forbidden products for all types of allergies:

Products to which you should be treated with care:

  1. Any cereals, except corn.
  2. Vegetables and fruits of green color (apples, cucumbers, cabbage, asparagus, etc.)
  3. Compotes and jelly from fruits of green color.
  4. Dried fruits.
  5. Red meat.
  6. Dairy products.
  7. Flour products.
  8. Cracker.

For a complete list of products that do not cause allergic reactions, see the table for hypoallergenic products.

Naturally, do not eat a kilogram at a timeapples Simerenko. Even a healthy person may have an unexpected allergic reaction to such a meal. All products must be consumed in reasonable quantities. And, what is even better, you should eat separately and split so that you can track possible allergies.

Of course, all people are different. And, if some inveterate allergic person has a reaction to mushrooms, you may not have it. You can try new products from banned lists little by little to see the body's response to them. But, unfortunately, even if the body did well at this time with a possible allergen, this does not mean that you will not have any allergies afterwards.

Approximate menu of hypoallergenic diet for the week:

Breakfast: oatmeal with sugar, butter and fruits; tea without additives, black or green.

Dinner: soup on vegetable broth, beef or pork, jelly from apples.

Dinner: rice porridge with steam chop, apple, kefir.

Breakfast: a sandwich with butter and cheese, tea, yogurt.

Dinner: soup on vegetable broth, red meat, compote of dried fruits.

Dinner: mashed potatoes, beef goulash, pear or banana.

Breakfast: pasta with sugar and butter, tea, pear or apple.

Dinner: soup on vegetable broth with meat, tea or compote of dried fruits.

Breakfast: cookies "Maria" with butter, tea, fruit salad from a banana, an apple and a pear, dressed with yoghurt.

Dinner: soup on vegetable broth, steam cutlet from beef, compote of apples, fruit.

Dinner: buckwheat porridge, stewed vegetables: asparagus, onion, seasoned with sour cream, tea or compote.

Breakfast: cottage cheese with sour cream and sugar, tea.

Dinner: soup on vegetable broth, beef, apple, yogurt.

Dinner: porridge with goulash or stewed vegetables, tea or jelly.

Breakfast: Sandwich with boiled meat and butter, tea, apple.

Dinner: wheat porridge, salad of fresh cabbage and greens, kefir.

Breakfast: cottage cheese casserole, tea

Dinner: soup, cutlet or boiled meat, compote, fruit.

Dinner : porridge with chop, yogurt, bananas.

Please note that every day for lunch you should eat the first dish for normal operation. All soups must be cooked on vegetable broth, as the meat broth can give an allergic reaction.

Snack can be any allowed fruit, yogurt and cottage cheese. In the tea you can add lemon.

If you try to sit on such a strict diet even a week, then immediately feel a surge of energy. First, the food will be balanced and useful, the body will be cleansed of toxins and toxins. Secondly, having excluded all possible allergens, you can see the dynamics of your allergy and draw the appropriate conclusions. Thirdly, your body will be given a rest and a kind of unloading.

As already mentioned above, with the manifestationAny symptoms of an allergy you should address to the doctor-allergist. There are tests that will help to identify the allergen. After its detection, you can begin to eat normally, excluding a specific product from the diet in the case of food allergies. Or, if you find an allergy to dust - throw out all the carpets from the house and stop being afraid of chocolate and chicken eggs.

Sometimes an allergy occurs against a background of exhaustionorganism. This often happens in women after childbirth. In such cases it is very important to observe the right way of life and nutrition, and eventually everything will return to normal.

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Tried a real Swiss chocolate, meall sprinkled. Despite the fact that he did not eat more, the rash did not pass. I came across this diet, I tried it. It was pleasantly surprised that not only the rash went away, but also three extra kilograms.

I am suffering from atopic dermatitis. Do not eat anything superfluous, otherwise expect problems with the skin. Long suffered with his wife to cook it. The given diet - and vitamin balance, and caloric content in norm or rate, and any casings in the form of an unpleasant eruption does not arise.

All my life I suffer with hay fever, although I myself am a doctor. I tried always to go to the sea at the time of flowering herbs, but the last year I could not get out. Has experienced a hypoallergenic diet - it's much better. Made her her way of life for the season.

Immediately I could not understand what was happening to me. Start pouring small pimples on the face and décolleté region. Have advised a hypoallergenic diet. After it all passed, and the allergen was revealed - my favorite walnuts. Now she simply excluded them from the diet.

I have a seasonal allergy to pollen. I tried this diet, for a week it became much easier. Local antihistamines remove itching from mucous membranes, and with the help of diet I managed to get rid of the rash on the body, although I thought it was a reaction to pollen.

I started pouring down from the poplars, I just do not know what to do (Nothing helps me go with red eyes and sneeze

I would like to say that cereals are not all possible (asyou wrote here). All individually. My child is a serious allergic person, so we do not eat except rice and macaroni from hard wheat varieties. And corn porridge wholesome helps (it, by the way, refers to low-allergen porridges). To all a terrible rash. So, all you need to try and watch the reaction.

I have developed an incorrect diet withchildhood. Against the backdrop of numerous diets and antibiotic intake, due to incorrect diagnosis, the body and the immune system were completely depleted, as a result of which I now are allergic to almost everything, including house dust, animals, in particular pets, mold, fungi, pollen. Life is not my joy. During the last 2.5 years, 3 operations and other various interventions on the nasal sinuses were done, all kinds of (very strong antibiotics) were given, although all the results of the tomography and X-ray images did not reveal any pathologies. The allergy test was the last hope, thank God it turned out to be positive, now I know what to fear and take medications accordingly, plus drops with allergens daily, for the immune system to be immune to them, doctors say that the results are noticeable after 6-12 months. I did not do a food allergy test, but with my findings, I draw an analogy for food, a cross-allergy. Your diet I like, but, unfortunately, I can not use it, so yoghurts, sugar, many things from vegetables and fruits, including oatmeal, are contraindicated. Pork and beef including. Maybe there is an alternative to my case? Tell me, please, if anyone knows!