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Folk remedies successfully help in the treatment of many diseases, this site will help you pick up the necessary recipes and acquaint you with the readers' feedback.

Most often in folk recipes for treatmentmastopathy at home using compresses with beets, cabbage, pumpkin, salt dressings. Despite the simplicity of the recipe, they really help. How it was possible to cure mastopathy with compresses, women's comments about treatment are in this article.

Compresses for mastopathy of the breast are recipes of the newspaper Vestnik ZDZH.

Treatment of mastopathy with salt dressings
Wet a towel in a 10% solutiontable salt (1 liter of water 100 grams of salt), roll into the strip and make a bandage. Be sure to grab both breasts, even if the mastopathy is only on one side. Top with a dry towel or bandage. Do every night and keep 9-10 hours. The course of salt dressings - 2 weeks, if there are tumors in the breast, then 3 weeks.
Salt bandages - an excellent folk remedy formastopathy of the breast, many have helped, they well removes all kinds of tumors, seals. Solutions of table salt of 10% concentration are able to draw from the body all the "dirt" and disease. (Recipes of the Healthy Holidays 2002, No. 11, page 15)

Salt Compression
The woman began to tingle her breast, felt it and found a seal. Has passed or has taken place inspection, it was found out, what is it a mastopathy. The occasional fellow traveler advised the recipe, which helped.
Take 0.5 liters of boiled water, add 2 tbsp. l. salt. Fold the cheesecloth into 4 layers, soak the solution and squeeze, so as not to flow, attach to the sore spot, wrap the breast with polyethylene and put on the bra. Compress she kept a day, then washed her breast with warm water. Day rest, and then again compress for a day. In total, she had 10 procedures, and the disease disappeared. After a while she advised this recipe to her cousin, she also helped him for 7 procedures.
This recipe differs from the previous one in that it uses polyethylene, which is why it is called a compress, not a bandage. (HLS 2015 No. 8, page 28)

How to treat breast mastopathy with cabbage
Cabbage has always been considered in folk medicine the best way to treat breast. There are several ways to use cabbage in mastopathy.
1. Cabbage with butter and salt. Take the leaves of cabbage, apply a thin layer of butter on top, sprinkle with salt and attach to a sick chest, tighten the compress with a cloth or bra. Do it every night.
The woman was diagnosed with "breast mastitisglands ". On the advice of her neighbor, she began to treat mastopathy at home with these compresses. After the first procedure, the pain in his chest calmed down. The cabbage leaves were thin, almost transparent by the morning. She made such cabbage compresses for a week and got rid of the disease. (2003 No. 2, page 19)
2. Cabbage with honey for mastopathy. The woman managed to cure mastopathy, applying to her breast a cabbage leaf smeared with honey. She made these compresses 2 times a day - all the nodules were dissolved. (2011, No. 23, page 40)
3. Compress from cabbage with curdled milk. Stir 10 tbsp. l. fresh cabbage gruel and 3 tbsp. l. curd, add this mixture to linen cloth. Apply the compress on the sore spot, changing it several times a day. Course of treatment - 3 weeks

How to treat mastopathy at home with pumpkin
A woman was diagnosed with fibrous mastopathymammary gland. The nurse advised me to put a warm pumpkin on my breast for the night. She did so. The recipe really helped, after 3 days the tumor was asleep. The disease was in the initial stage, but such a compress will not hurt in the neglected case. (Bulletin of the Healthy Holidays of 2003 No. 7, p. 26).

Another woman managed to cure fibroticmastopathy of the breast at home using a pumpkin. The same recipe was suggested by a sick neighbor. After a week of daily compresses with pumpkin, my chest came back to normal. (HLS 2013 No. 4, pp. 39-40)

Particularly successful will be the treatment of mastopathy, if the compresses of pumpkin alternate with compresses from beets and compresses from the infusion from the roots of comfrey. (2010 No. 12, pp. 28-29)

Beet with mastopathy
Very often, mastopathy at home can be cured with beets. Beet for treatment is used in several variants
1. Beets with vinegar - this is the most common folk recipe, they are used most often and many helped.
200 g grated beets heated onwater bath, add to it 2 tbsp. l. 9% vinegar, make a hot compress at night. In the morning, tie the chest with a warm kerchief. Course - 10 nights in a row. This folk remedy was suggested by a patient in the oncology center, he helps 100%. Mastopathy in someone passes on the 5th day, someone on the 7th. (Bulletin of the Healthy Holidays of 2003 No. 4, p. 21).
2. Compress of beetroot with honey for mastopathy. Grate beetroot on a small grater. Take 3 parts of beetroot 1 part of the flower honey, mix, put this mixture on a cabbage leaf or cloth, and apply to the compaction at night. In the morning remove the mixture in the refrigerator, the next night warm up the mixture in a water bath and repeat the procedure. Then take a break for one night. Course - 10 - 20 procedures. The same beet mass can be used twice. (Bulletin of the Healthy Holidays of 2009 No. 8, p. 31).
3. Grated beets. You can make compresses just with beets. Beet grate on a fine grater, squeeze out excess juice, so as not to drain. Put the mass on the chest, cover with compress paper or cloth and fasten with a bra. Doing daily for 16 days (Recipes HLS 2009 No. 10, page 30)
4. Beet circles. The woman managed to cure mastopathy of dairyglands with the help of beets. She put the red beet plates to her chest, covered with parchment, put on a bra and wrapped herself with a handkerchief. Before applying beets, greased the breast with camphor oil or honey (oil and honey alternated). (2011, No. 23, page 38, 2009, No. 10, page 30)

Treatment of mastopathy at home with compresses from iodinol
The woman was able to cure mastopathy of the breast with iodine-containing compresses: they should fit tightly to the sore spot. Iodinol is sold in pharmacies (Bulletin of the Healthy Holidays 2002, No. 4, p. 7).

The woman recognized fibrocystic mastopathymammary gland. Cured by three kinds of compresses: with fir oil, with oak bark and with pharmacy iodine. Wet soft cotton fabric, folded in 2 layers of iodine, squeezed, so as not to flow, top cellophane, fixed bra. She held for 2 hours, then took off, but did not flush. If there is redness after iodinol, then they quickly pass, they need not be afraid. The course of treatment - every other day for a month. (2007, No. 19, pp. 32).

Compress of fresh swans
The woman was diagnosed with bilateralfibrocystic mastopathy. No treatment was prescribed. The oncologist-surgeon warned: "No self-medication, especially no compresses." In the autumn I went to a sanatorium. There the surgeon declared: "You have nothing to do here,
go home, at the place of residence - immediately for surgery. The sooner you do it, the better. "
The woman began to think and look for a prescription, than to treat mastopathy at home to avoid surgery. Finally I found a suitable remedy.
Pick up the swans (twigs, inflorescences, leaves)approximately 1 kg. Wash with cold water, dry on a towel. Take 0.5 kg of pork salted fat. Grass and lard cut into pieces and pass through the meat grinder together. Stir, get a green ointment. Keep in the fridge.
Mode of application: on a sheet of parchment or compress paper (polyethylene can not be used) of such magnitude that it covers both glands to the armpits, apply a thin layer of ointment. When the mass on the paper warms to room temperature, put on the chest, densely clinging to parchment throughout the area. If someone has unilateral mastopathy, you still need to put a compress on both breasts. On the parchment put a layer of cotton wool, put on a large bra. The dressing will be fixed securely. Ointment should be changed once a day. The procedure, without interrupting, is done until the disappearance of the hardening.
The woman managed to cure mastopathy in two weeks. And for 20 years this illness does not bother her.
If it did not help for 15-20 days, do a one-week break and take another course until the hardening disappears. (Recipes Healthy Holidays 2003 No. 9, page 29).

Onion compresses from mastopathy
Bake onion, put on a rag and makecompress on the sore spot, trying to grab and underarm lymph nodes. Onion compresses every other day. If possible, you can not remove them all day long (2004, No. 11, page 24).

Fir oil treatment
The woman recognized fibrocystic mastopathythe mammary gland, it was cured with fir oil. She mixed fir oil with sunflower oil and honey in a ratio of 1: 1: 1, heating in a water bath until the honey dissolved. Warm compress applied to the chest, washed off in the morning. Gradually the pain has passed, the breast does not bother anymore.
Still good help broths of an oak cortex and cookerysalt. 1 tbsp. l. bark pour 0.5 liters. water, boil for 30 minutes, then add 1 tbsp. l. salt. In a warm broth, soak a towel and put it on your chest. It is good to wrap and hold for 2 hours in the morning and in the evening. Oak bark absorbs solid tumors. (Bulletin HLS 2007 No. 19, p. 32).

How to treat mastopathy of the breast with compresses in the urine.
The woman in the mammary glands accumulatedliquid, a seal filled with liquid was formed. I went to an oncologist, punctured several times for 9 years. Then this seal has hardened. Have given out a direction on operation. Passing the tests to the operation, the woman feverishly searched for funds that would help cure mastopathy without surgery. She was helped by a compress of urine: on her breast she applied first gauze moistened in urine, then polyethylene, then cloth and bandage or bra. Compress should fit tightly, but not tight. Two weeks later the compaction cleared, the operation was avoided. (2009 No. 20, pp. 31-32).

Treatment of mastopathy at home wormwood.
The woman managed to cure mastopathy with compressesfrom the broth of wormwood. For treatment, she did not take high wormwood, but the one called wormwood - fluffy, light 25 cm high. You can use both dry and fresh grass. 2-3 stems of wormwood should be cut, pour 150 ml of milk, bring to a boil and add 0.5 tsp. drinking soda. In this composition, put gauze in 4-6 layers, allow it to cool to 40 degrees. Wet warm gauze to put on a sick chest, then polythene, then put on a bra for fastening. On top of a terry towel in 4 layers and in bed for 1.5-2 hours. The course of treatment is 10 days, but sometimes breast mastopathy passes for 6 procedures, depending on the state of health (HLS 2009 No. 16, p. 5).

Beetroot compresses and honey applications.
The woman was diagnosed with "diffuse mastopathybreast cancer. " I was registered with the oncology dispensary. Every spring and autumn there were exacerbations. During exacerbations, as prescribed by the doctor, mastodinone was drunk. But that was not enough. I had to use the national means in addition. She threw beets, laid them on gauze and put them to their breasts, covered them with polyethylene on top and fixed them with a warm scarf. This compress lasted all night.
In addition, she made honey applications: A spoonful of honey applied to the chest, covered with gauze, then with polyethylene and wrapped with a handkerchief. In the morning, the remnants of honey washed off, but he almost completely absorbed into the skin. Applied for five consecutive nights. Honey dissolves the seals, the breast becomes soft, painless. (HLS of 2012, №2, p.40-41).

Agave treatment
Cut the agave sheet in thickness, not separating its halves. This way you increase its width by half. Fix the band-aid on a problem place, then tie the breast with a warm kerchief.
The woman made such a compress at night. In the morning, under the sheet, there was a rash, as with measles. Soon the rash disappeared, and with it pain. So it was possible to avoid the operation, although the direction was already on hand. (HOLL of 2012 No. 15, page 33)

How to treat mastopathy with lice
Doctors have found out at the woman мастопатию milkglands. We recommended an operation. But then she remembered the bug. This herb promotes resorption of the hardening. Raval grass, soap, dried on a towel and applied to a sore spot. As soon as the grass dries, changed to fresh. She does not remember how many procedures she did, but one day she discovered that there was no hardening in her chest. She also added cocktail to borscht and salads.
(HLS 2013 No. 19 page 30)

Another recipe with a lice. In summer, drink the juice of the lice without restriction. Squeeze mixed with clay and compress on chest. The course of treatment is 1 month (Bulletin HLS 2007 No. 19, p. 32).

Handful of dry lice scalded with boiling water, cool and apply a compress to the sore spot (2009, No. 6, page 31)

Treatment with burdock and cabbage
A woman immediately after delivery, even in the hospital chest fell ill. The doctor after the examination gave an appointment to the oncology center, where he was diagnosed with nodal mastopathy. Have appointed or nominated treatment and an annual inspection.
But the patient decided to treat mastitis in the homeconditions. Someone advised applying burdock leaves to the chest, and she applied these leaves 2-3 times a day. In winter, replaced burdock on cabbage leaves, oiled with honey. Sometimes I made compresses with grated beets. So she was treated a year and went to the examination. The results were good. Since then, 38 years have passed. Sometimes the chest reminds of itself, but after several compresses everything passes. (HLS 2013 No. 21, page 30)

All methods can have contraindications. Before using folk recipes, consult a doctor!