Rock salt with swelling

Few people did not encounter such an unpleasantphenomenon, like swelling. They indicate that the body accumulates excess fluid, which he is not able to withdraw independently. In order to help him cope with the problem, a specialist develops and assigns a special edema.

Since swelling can occur with absolutelydifferent diseases - and with kidney damage, and with diseases of the digestive system and heart failure, then anti-pediatric diets can differ from each other.

General recommendations for diets with edema

The anti-edema diet should bebalanced, saturated proteins of animal origin, especially sour-milk products. It is good to introduce products rich in potassium - apricots, melons, potatoes, parsley, soy. Drink herbal teas, freshly squeezed juices and water, to enhance the diuretic effect. Refuse to drink coffee.

Salt is limited to 1 g per day, the amount of liquid to 600 g per day. Excludes fried and spicy food, preserving, fatty sweets.

In no event is it possible:

- abuse diuretics; - uncontrollably spend unloading days; - patients with hepatic and renal insufficiency should follow a diet without consulting a doctor.

Violation of metabolic processes can cause the appearance of acne on the body and face, details: Diet from acne - opinion of a nutritionist, recommendations.

Diet with swelling of the feet

If swelling of the legs, first of all followsfind out the cause of edema. Most often, edema causes varicose veins or thrombophlebitis. In addition to these diseases, the following causes can lead to edema:

- heavy workload during standing work; - prolonged sitting, especially with crossed legs; - flat feet; - incorrectly selected shoes; - overweight.

The most basic diet with swelling of the feet. it is a mono or a day of a single product.

Compliance with a watermelon diet helps to remove excess fluid from the body, cleanse the kidneys and organs of the genitourinary system. A day eaten 2 kg of watermelon flesh.

Cucumber diet also copes well with excess fluid in the body. During the day, 20 ripe cucumbers are eaten. In addition, it is not recommended to drink.

Apples also have an easy diureticaction, accumulated in the tissues of the liquid will help remove 2 kg of apples not sweet varieties. A large amount of vitamin C contained in fruit will strengthen the walls of the vessels.

But one should never spend unloading days without consulting a specialist, in some cases they can do harm!

Diet for urticaria and edema Quincke

Urticaria is a lesion of the skin, dermatitis. Most often hives are allergic. On the skin appear itchy pale pink blisters, and she swells and swells.

The cause of edema Quincke is also the factors that cause allergies:

- medicines; - food products; - insect bites; - Heat, cold.

Diet for urticaria and edema Quincke has the following features: food, in most cases is excluded altogether. It is prescribed curative fasting and performing purification procedures, such as enemas, in the most severe cases - droppers.

Then, after a while, one species is foundproduct, it is used for 2 days and if the negative reactions of the organism are not fixed, the following type of product is introduced. Such a procedure should be performed in a hospital under the supervision of a specialist, at home, such a diet should not be practiced.

Hepatitis is a serious disease, in which the regime and diet are important, for more details: Diet for hepatitis C - opinion of a nutritionist.

At all diet with Quinck's swelling is not developed by a dietician, but by an allergist. The negative side of this diet is that a person must constantly keep under control what he can eat and what not. Children such a diet can hardly be observed, therefore, the cause of the allergy should be treated concurrently with medication.

The diet with Quincke's edema is the strictest of alldiets, practiced with edema, and is caused by seriousness to the treatment approach of this inflammatory process. In some cases, it can lead to death.

Diet for edema during pregnancy

Very often pregnant women complain of swelling,which accompany their third trimester. This is due to the increase in the hormone progesterone, which is responsible for containing the contractile capacity of the uterus. He also delays the fluid in the tissues and provokes swelling.

Types of edema during pregnancy are distinguishedphysiological and pathological. Physiological factors are caused by sodium and water retention in case of abuse of salty foods, or weight gain. Pathological may be symptoms of the disease - dropsy. Vodian should be treated, tk. she threatens, and mother and fetus and can be the cause of preeclampsia.

For a normal course of pregnancy, water and two important elements - salt and protein - are needed. Water should be consumed and not stay in the tissues of the body. Diet in pregnancy with edema. which controls the intake of salt and protein just and solves this problem.

Well-proven salt-free diet for swelling during pregnancy. It helps not to gain excess weight and serves as the prevention of pathological edema.

- eat in small portions; - cooking on steam; - Do not salt, or salt only a little after cooking.

However, one should not practice such a diet more2 weeks, in order not to disturb the water-salt balance in the body. Drink as much as you want, but only water, herbal infusions or freshly squeezed juices. As much as possible to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Protein - another diet for edema in pregnant women.

This diet is based on the fact that for every 1 kg of food, 120 g should be easily digestible proteins:

- dietary meat: poultry, rabbit; - fish, especially with white meat; - skimmed cheese; - fermented milk products and skimmed milk.

To this diet should be taken with caution to those who:

- suffers from allergic reactions; - there is intolerance to milk and dairy products.

It is best to pass the necessary tests and be sure that this diet will be good, not harm.

In addition, we will have to give up the sweet, which not every pregnant woman will survive.

The biggest advantage of this diet is that edema and excess weight go away, but there is no feeling of hunger. Therefore, it is this diet for swelling in pregnant women is most popular.

But again, the protein diet should not bePractice for more than 2 weeks, because with prolonged use it can increase the amount of cholesterol in the blood, create a calcium deficiency and lead to kidney dysfunction (digesting protein, the body loses a lot of fluid). And yet, the body first of all splits the muscle tissue, and fat - in the second.

As it was possible to be convinced the diet at edemas shouldto be selected individually in each case. Be sure to consult with specialists - nutritionists, allergists, endocrinologists. Diet in pregnancy with swelling should be gentle and not long - a lot of water, enough protein and little salt. With urticaria, and especially with Quincke's edema, it is necessary to go through outpatient treatment, a little hunger. If the legs are swollen - do unloading days.