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Magnesia during pregnancy is prescribedoften. This remedy is quite effective for some diseases, and has been used for a long time. However, some women are concerned about the dropper, worrying about the baby's health. Let's understand together why magnesium is dripped to pregnant women and how safe it is.

Why put magnesia pregnant?

A dropper of magnesium during pregnancy is prescribedat threat of premature birth, and also at a serious current of gestosis (late toxicosis). Gestosis is accompanied by a great puffiness, and magnesium sulfate is able to effectively remove excess fluid from the tissues by increasing diuresis (the amount of urine output).

However, edema is not the main indication for the appointment of intravenous magnesium during pregnancy. For the most part, magnesium is prescribed in the second-third trimester of pregnancy in hypertension of the uterus.

Contraindications and side effects

If a woman has a condition of hypotension(low blood pressure), then it is impossible to drip magnesia, because it has an antihypertensive effect, which is dangerous for the mother and child.

Do not prescribe magnesium in the early stagespregnancy if it is necessary to keep pregnancy. Magnesia has been shown since the second trimester, because during this period the fetus has already formed all organs, and uterus hypertension is much more dangerous than the introduction of magnesia.

Side effects of magnesia are drowsiness,weakness, a sensation of blood flow to the face, anxiety, sweating, a decrease in pressure, a headache, a decrease in heart rate. If a woman's blood pressure drops too sharply, droppers are canceled.

In addition, the introduction of magnesia is quite painful. During the vein, the woman feels a burning sensation. And it lasts a long time, because as magnesia is administered very slowly to avoid a sharp drop in blood pressure.

Magnesia in late pregnancy

Some pregnant women are worried about whethernegative magnesia, conducted shortly before the onset of the term of labor. Will not it be problematic to open the cervix in childbirth. In response, the doctors calmed down, saying that magnesium has an effect on the uterus only in the period while it is in the blood. The dropper is canceled two hours before the birth, so the opening of the cervix is ​​normal.