About hidden hypostases you will be told

Pregnancy in most cases is accompanied byedema. Visible edema is easy to detect, just press in front of the shin and make sure that the fossa does not disappear for more than 10 seconds. Hidden edema during pregnancy is more difficult to detect. They are characterized by a sharp increase in body weight.

How to detect hidden swelling

Determine whether there are hidden swelling in the following ways:

  1. Controlling the amount of liquids and all the liquids discharged. For this you can use a measuring cup.
  2. After making a McClure-Aldrich test. The sample is a special test for the hydrophilicity of tissues. A solution of sodium chloride is injected under the patient's skin. The result is a blister. Disappearance of the blister within less than thirty minutes or even its absence indicates the presence of latent edema in the body.

The presence of such edema in pregnant women, also called "dropsy of pregnant women," indicates the onset of gestosis. You need to treat them. Treatment of latent edema involves:

  • restriction of common salt, as well as liquids;
  • obligatory refusal from smoked foods and dishes, in which sharp seasonings are added;
  • reception of vitamin complexes and drugs that help strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Diuretics prescribe to pregnant women only if the swelling is pronounced. It is important to have a lot of rest, sleep and not subject yourself to any emotional stress.

If swelling for a long time does not pass, then it is necessary to take some measures together with the doctor, otherwise, this condition will have a very negative impact on the child.