Magnesium for edema

Euphyllinum with swelling is prescribed even duringpregnancy. This is a very effective drug that promotes the expansion of blood vessels, normalizes the kidneys and increases the amount of fluid processed by the kidneys. This remedy for swelling also contributes to the removal of excess fluid from the body. In addition, when taking the drug with urine, more harmful sodium salts (which cause swelling), chlorine and water are released. During pregnancy, this drug can be prescribed for several days, and for a longer time. Sometimes there is a need for treatment with eufillin even for a month in a row. Do not prescribe a drug to relieve swelling in the case of low blood pressure, a tendency to epileptic seizures, as well as with a sick heart. Do not drink this remedy for swelling before eating. This can cause deterioration of the digestive tract.

This is a very strong drug that is usedwith swelling in the case when nothing else does not help. It is useful to combine its use with the use of dietary supplements containing vitamin AT 6 and magnesium. These substances also contribute to relaxing the smooth muscles and normalizing the state of the vessels.

Before using this drug, you can try herbal remedies for swelling, for example, a decoction of cranberry leaf, drinks from cranberries.
Use of euphyllin and with edema of the brain. This is a first aid for normalization of the microcirculation of the brain. In such a case, ten milliliters of the liquid of the preparation are used, 2.4% intravenously.

Before use, consult a specialist.

Tatiana April 04, 2010 12:53

During pregnancy tried to prescribe meeuphyllinum from edema. This therapist took care. And when she went to her gynecologist, she immediately banned this drug. Because he is appointed already, when very badly. When swelling is very strong. The therapist at us not too good. He often reinsures, prescribes heavy medications with the hope that everything will work out. But I was lucky that a good gynecologist got caught. She advised some herbs, a diet and everything was normal.

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