Nursing help with swelling

Short-term goal: skin itching will decrease in a day.

Long-term goal: the patient will demonstrate knowledge of allergic diseases and their prevention at the time of discharge.

1. Creation of physical and psychological rest.

2. Recommendations for compliance with the diet to prevent repeated allergies.

3. Care for skin and mucous membranes to prevent infection.

4. Observation of the pulse, blood pressure, BHD, physiological items, weight, regimen, skin and mucous membranes.

1. Strict implementation of all appointments of a doctor for a speedy recovery.

2. Providing preparation for additional research. (For the correct implementation of research).

3. Implementation of control over the tolerability of medicines. (For timely detection of side effects of drug therapy).

4. The timely distribution of medicines and the introduction of medicines,

5.Conduct a conversation with the patient and relatives: on the observance of the regime of rest, nutrition; on the need for systematic drug intake; on the importance of preventive examination and treatment, (for effective treatment and prevention of urticaria).

1. Organization of a consultation of a nutritionist, an allergist.