Halyazion bump resorbed but the eyelid is still swollen

Halyazion is a constant inflammation of the cartilage inthe meibomian gland of the century. Progression of this pathology is usually quite slow. This disease develops because of the blockage of the gland outlet channel and the accumulation of a secret liquid in it. The obstruction of the canal is usually after a severe inflammatory pathology of the eyelid, which the patient has had, and sometimes without obvious factors.

When haljazion is manifested, the patient feelssolid formation on the surface of the eyelid. On the eye you can feel a painful swelling, which is 2-4 mm in size, while the skin of the eyelid above it is mobile. Neoplasm can sometimes become inflamed, after which the reddening of the century, unpleasant feelings and even suppuration occurs.

Therapy of this disease occurs as followsway. With early manifestations of pathology, eye drops are prescribed, as well as a specific ointment applied over the eyelid. In a situation where haljazion does not become inflamed, injections are sometimes practiced.

The most correct way to treat halazone isoperative, that is, the cutting out of the haljazion. Surgical intervention occurs at the outpatient clinic as an ophthalmologist as a rule at a time. Under local anesthesia, the suffering eyelid is fixed with a special clamp, and the entire internal part of the swelling is extracted through a small incision on the inside of the eyelid. The whole operation is carried out in a matter of minutes.

Before use, consult a specialist.

Alain March 18, 2015 11:14

To the son almost 5, at us too this piece have written out drops and ointment. In general as to us the doctor has told or said that it is treated very longly and patience is necessary, can pass or take place 2-3 months of treatment, so all patience and health.

Аноним 30 may, 2014 09:56

The psychological reason for the appearance of barley -the removal from life's problems, the desire to close my eyes to what is happening. Everything is utterly disgraceful, simple and logical, that you can not believe that everything is so simple, and it is. And so almost with any illness. After all, any illness comes to a person when something in his life goes wrong, because of a personal attitude to what is happening. Disease - this is a hint from above - "On you sickness, lie down and think."

Diane 01 November, 2013 08:39

Synul 1g2month. 3 months ago the first, then the second haljazion (on different eyes), smeared tetracycline does not help, was at three oculists - have recommended the fourth)))) have told or said that in our city so small nobody will undertake. what to do?

The guest 05 March, 2013 10:13

My daughter also had a stool in the upper eyelid,who got out after a course of antibiotics in the hospital (pyelonephritis). At that time, she was exactly 1 year old. I tried a lot of money, I was also in a homeopathic clinic where I prescribed something (I do not remember exactly) for the intestines, arguing that the problems with the eyes start from problems with the intestines (after antibiotics). We drank balls for about 4 months - no result - the size of the holiazion was with the string bean, the eye did not close, eyelashes fell out. Then the Internet break found the recommendations of a homeopath who wrote that often some homeopaths muhlyuyut without prescribing proper treatment, so that they are often treated. Personally, we were in the clinic three times, and each time for the reception gave 1,000 rubles. So - recommendations - treatment should be comprehensive. Take staphizaria 6, and if possible, then find the plane tree, in our homeopathic pharmacies were not found, ordered in Odessa, since this is a southern plant. And the oculist in our children's clinic advised me to turn to a physiotherapist who had her own method for treating cholazion with laser therapy and ultrasound. As a result of this treatment for 4 months, holiazion completely resolved. From him remained almost unnoticeable scar, and most importantly grew eyelashes. And yet - the operation is not 100% cure, as the probability of occurrence again is great - again, according to our oculist, she advised us against the operation, arguing that almost immediately after the patients who went to the operation they got out new cholazions. It turns out that you have to treat the cause of the disease both inside and out. You can not warm holyazion. Warming progresses disease! And they were willing to help, advice different, such as applying a hot cooked egg and the like nonsense. Good luck.

Julia 17 July, 2012 03:57

The daughter accepts:
graphite, staphysargia, silicea, calcar flurik and with redness of murcurius and belladonna
Dosages are for a homeopath. It is necessary to treat gradually and reliably!

Ekaterina June 03, 2012 07:48

And I have holyaziy of the upper eyelid. The cone appeared in the middle of September, the doctors appointed me to drip drops and ointments, enough time passed, and haljazion not only did not disappear, but on it appeared the second cone, and it hurts badly (((

Anna Feb 05, 2012 10:32 am

There was Halyazion on two
eyes.did not know how to cure
the whole year. I tried everything!
Have sent on operation and have told or said
tentatively for a week
drink live bacteria (100r) and
ascorbic acid (30p). in
the result All passed!

Raushan December 02, 2011 06:01

Hello! the child had a cone without reddening for 3 years without inflammation on the upper eyelid, 4 months have been increasing every time. Because of this bump, the left eye decreases. addressed to the oculist, she prescribed drops of levomycetin, drops of dexamethasone and tetracycline ointment for the night, no effect. the oculist has appointed or nominated to go on operation to delete. But I do not want to do it because the surgical intervention does not give a positive result. help find another effective treatment.

Natalia May 20, 2011 10:36 am

My child is 3.9 years old. We suffer from this holjazinoy for six months already. First ointments and drops, nothing helped. Agreed for the operation. They did it, but there is no result. The cone has become even bigger, and it is red, and constantly digs, everything comes out of it, it seems to be getting worse, and then it snaps again. And all over again. I do not know what to do. The poor child has exhausted everything. Help: can people what methods are there?

mho January 25, 2011 10:57

First jumped out on the right eye. I did not know what it was, I thought the vessel might somehow swell. Has passed or Has taken place in 4 5 months. Immediately on the left jumped small. From the spring to autumn did not make itself felt, there was no change in the amount. But in the middle of autumn I could catch a cold. I have been warned before that this infection can easily catch cold and inflame. Vobschem came out barley on the halyazione. I thought I would break through, I decided to give in and only got worse. I went to the doctor, he explained what had happened to the illness. Has registered tetracycline which now as to me have told or said in a drugstore, polnaliz-for weak activity. Found by accident. Mazal week. And just beginning to subside, barley popped out again. But this one got out practically without problems. After the tumor passed, it turned out that next to the chalazion, another 2 popped up after the barley. Ie there were now 3 of them standing in a row, decreasing in size. Desperate, I wanted to cut it. Mom advised to miss to the end. Missed 2 weeks. Then, on the advice of another doctor, he bought Floxal, smeared longer than necessary for a week. Start to go. I could not believe my eyes. 3 hailstones literally disappeared in a month.
In general, here are my tips:
1) Do not pull to colds for it's easy to blot out. Then there will be a huge sore eyelid.
2) About tetracycline I can not say for sure. Buy better phloxal, kotrovy 3 times more expensive, but there is in any pharmacy and a stronger one.
3) In addition to ointments, I conducted other procedures. They were advised by a doctor. I warmed the heated salt, gently rubbed with a tincture of calendula, and put a shredded stalk into the alley. All this was spent every day, but everything has a measure. So alleo strongly irritates the skin, it itches. Therefore, small children. I think, it is not necessary to attach.
4) Drink sour-milk products.

anja January 16, 2011 05:31

my child is 2.3 years old. In 2 years 2 chaliazions were removed, another week later appeared. Have passed or have taken place inspection, have found disturbances in a gastrointestinal tract, have treated. the eye never recovered. What now I do not know, again the operation. hydrocortisone, sfradex, phloxal, nothing helps.

Tatyana December 31, 2010 01:18

Hello! To my son 2.2 years, and a month we treat halyazion. doctors were sent for surgery, I'm very afraid. Who can tell which side does the incisions, and what then after the operation to expect. Simply the child will not sit with bandages on both eyes.

Lilek April 28, 2010 01:10

after the first removal of halazin c / o 5 days popped up the second, and even more than the previous one, where is the probability that after the second removal there will not be a third?

SVETLANA March 15, 2010 12:06

Hello. Tell me please, after surgery, the eyelid is swollen and how much does this tumor hold? Thank you in advance

Tamila 12 December, 2009 03:12

Describe the procedure for surgery for haljazione, preferably 2 ways.
thanks in advance!

Masha September 08, 2009 02:57

Hello! My child 1 year old also got a halyazion 3 months ago. I was told at once to cut, I refused, I prescribed any stupid treatment with ointments and drops, the sore only increased but did not break through. A month later, new ones appeared in both eyes. We went to the sea, washed the eyes of the SEA WATER and everything began to break first, then heal! Upon arrival, I bought sea salt and washed my eyes, there was almost nothing left, they all cured!

Luiza August 28, 2009 03:12

It's mine. I have 10 mm .. (((
this "hailstone" for 7 months ..told the doctor told demodicosis. I already decided to go to the hospital arrived in the hospital and I was told that we can not do the surgery because we do not know what I have with the eye .. well .. and it was worth going so far as to hear a few words. (

sas May 14, 2009 05:34

our doctors just to cut, but to treat there is no timeYes, and in the feed is less pohod.moemu son of 1.5 years the same story, sort of cured until only 2 months passed. it is necessary to buy colloidal silver and chlorophyll, sold in different firms, I took in nsp, colloid should be dripped in the eyes and in the mouth 2-3 drops 3 times a day, the baby is less, chlorophyll is drunk for 1 tsp. for 1 glass, at least 2 glasses a day, I also heated them with salt 2 times a day or 1 time nanoch, and then when they well ponabuhali fitting, you can say just smeared, because the baby vseravno will rip out ichthyol ointment, but the result on the face, and we suffered almost half a year

Sema March 01, 2009 12:15

Hello. I want to say that it's worth to see a doctor right away. Hoping that he will help. And helps a lot. For most people, surgical procedures go creeping. Although very unpleasant, I know for myself. I have already done 3 operations for a year. And there was one more hailstones (halyazion). When I dare go to surgery. And maybe for several operations. I noticed more redness. And this means several operations. But without of course these operations can not be done, then I will look for another treatment. Maybe a healer. I read in the forums that it helps.

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