Bandage of male genitalia for protection against edema

Belt of fidelity is a special BDSM device thatis a device that closes, in varying degrees, access to the male and female genitals and closes on the lock so that the one on whom he is wearing can not independently get rid of him. It is a very unusual and at the same time attractive device, which can be used both in role-playing BDSM games, and in real life. The chastity belt is used for the following purposes: prevention of sexual intercourse, sexual intercourse and possible masturbation. In addition, this BDSM attribute is quite beautiful and aesthetic and very fetishy looks on its own and on the body. The accessory can also be used to protect a woman from rape and such cases occur. Also the presence of a belt of fidelity on the lower partner serves as an additional psychological aspect of his humiliation and submission to the upper partner.

Belt chastity are male and female, which differ from each other constructively. Strangely enough, those wishing to buy the first option more than the second.

Using this attribute you can with a guaranteeto achieve its higher degree of restriction of freedom of your partner, and consequently emotional and physical satisfaction from the game will be great. If you want to buy a chastity belt, then you've come to the right place!

A little history of chastity belt

The chastity belt is known since the Middle Ages andwas then used by knights solely to combat the infidelity of their wives. When the knight was leaving for the campaign, he wore this accessory with his beloved, locked it with a padlock, and took the key with him. Let's notice, that products from the Middle Ages were not distinguished by such refined forms as modern ones and were made of ordinary iron. Therefore, they were much criticized for ease of use, weight, design and hygiene of the genitals. Poor women really suffered from their suspicious men. For more convenience, the belt is still lined with fabric or leather. A purely iron used the Inquisition with the pleasure of putting them on the witches - preventing sexual contact with the devil.

The design and essence of the fidelity belt have been preservedbut to this day, however, the modern sex industry made every effort to ensure that this accessory not only performed its direct functions, but also became very beautiful, aesthetic, convenient, hygienic and sexual.

Belt of fidelity in BDSM

Modern belts of fidelity in BDSM are performed fromHypoallergenic materials. This is either stainless steel, leather, or special plastics. At first, wearing such an accessory is not very comfortable, but it gets used to it quite quickly. Modern devices can actually be worn as long as you please without any harm to your health (unless self-restraint is considered harmful), until your master decides to release you. On the other hand, the psychological component of the BDSM relationship suggests that the more uncomfortable the lower, the greater the positive effect is achieved by both partners in the sexual game.

Now this erotic accessory representsa beautiful, high-tech, safe device that will take a worthy place in your collection of sex toys and will give you a lot of fun in erotic games.

So, you liked the idea of ​​coercionsexual abstinence of your partner and the possibility of additional control over it? So it's time to think about how to choose and buy a belt of loyalty. In general, in modern sex shops such an accessory is found more and more often, but also often the device turns out to be a forgery for leading manufacturers and in the course of operation they have various troubles - fast locks fail, plastic breaks, counterfeit chastity belts cause allergic reactions on the body . They are made not of steel, but of fabric materials, leatherette and have neither beauty nor functionality. To avoid this, it's better to shop at trusted stores. In order to buy a good belt of loyalty, you should look at the products offered by us. And the choice and quality are worthy. If you have any questions about choosing, buying or using belts of fidelity - contact our consultants using the contact information - they will definitely help you.

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