Viton Suite from edema

The medical device Vital is one of the drugs that can be used for external treatment of wounds, burns, and respiratory diseases.

Vital is a liquid that is sold in special jars, with darkened glass, in such volumes: 15 ml, 25 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 500 ml.

The liquid has a yellowish-green hue and a specific smell of medicines.

  • Peppermint oil extract;
  • Pine buds;
  • Rosehip (fruits);
  • Wormwood bitter (grass);
  • Millennial (grass);
  • Nails (flowers);
  • Chamomile officinalis (flowers);
  • Fennel (fruits);
  • Cumin (fruits);
  • Thymus (fruits);
  • Camphor oil;
  • Mint oil;
  • Fennel oil.

This medication helps, gets rid offrom various problems associated with wounds of the skin. Also after application of the given preparation, the damaged site of a skin perfectly sunbathes under solar beams.

The drug Vitaon is not recommended for patients who have an allergic disease for one of the drugs that are part of Vital.

Vitaon helps, cope with: thermal burns of different degree, sunburn, chemical burns of different degree, respiratory infections.

The drug may be applied to the surface of the wound or burn in its pure form, but it can be applied to the gauze dressing and fixed on the wound. It is necessary to use Vitaon in the morning and in the evening.

Balsam Vital is produced and sold in twotypes: LUX balm and Vitaon Karavaeva. The difference in these balms is in one component. In the Brass balm there is olive oil. It is used for delicate skin.

This medical product is produced with a blue label. In addition to all the necessary medicinal substances, it also contains soya oil.

Vital Karavaeva is used to treat: hemorrhoids, stomatitis, parodontosis, burns, ulcers, cracks, various kinds of wounds, diaper rash, sweating, eczema, psoriasis, candidiasis, various types of cervical erosion, rhinitis. sinusitis. bronchitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis. alveolitis, and gingivitis.

Also, the drug is used to rejuvenate the skin, and is used after plastic surgery.

The drug Vitaon Karavaeva well helps young nursing mothers cope with the healing of cracks in the nipples of the breast.

Vitaon Baby is a wonderful universala preparation for kids. This balm helps, cures various kinds of diaper rash, perfectly heals various types of wounds and ulcers, helps cure stomatitis and colds, quickly cleans the child's spout from the sniffles.

Vitaon Baby is allowed to use from birth. But, before using it, it is recommended to consult with your doctor.

Vital can be purchased at any pharmacy. Its cost ranges from 125 rubles to 370 rubles (depending on the volume of the bubble). The drug is sold without a prescription.

- For the treatment of various wounds and burns, we have used Vazon balsam for many years. He perfectly heals wounds and leaves no traces.

- I am the mother of two children. When children become ill with colds or are injured, I apply Vital Beybi balm. It is not very expensive, and helps, cope with many problems of children. With Vitamin Balsam, we are not afraid of any trauma. Recommended for everyone.

- I often had diseases with teeth andgums. Cope with stomatitis helped me balm Vital. Also, having read all the recommendations for use in the manual, I realized that I had acquired a universal medicine against all diseases and injuries.