Consequences of edema in the kidney

You are pregnant and noticed that you have appearededema? Well, you are one of those women who faced this trouble face to face. The main thing is not to panic, but to meet this state fully armed! And for this you need to first find out the cause of the onset of edema, find out what can be effects of swelling in pregnancy. and try to do everything to get rid of them!

Most likely, that your puffiness is caused by excessconsumption of fluid, which leads to the fact that your kidneys do not have time to process it and remove it in time. In most cases, such edema is a physiological norm and does not require treatment (but control is still necessary!). But there are also dangerous swelling that can lead to serious consequences for both you and the baby! Such conditions are called "dropsy of pregnant women", and occur in about 10-15% of pregnant women. Most often, such pathological edema occurs in the last months of pregnancy, starting from the end of the sixth month.

Since swelling is a consequence of the disorderwater-salt balance of the body and weakening of the vascular walls, this can cause changes in the blood composition and abnormalities in the hemostasis (coagulation) - the coagulation capacity of the blood. To confirm this diagnosis, the doctor should prescribe the following blood tests for you: general (UAC) and hemostasiogram (coagulogram).

No less serious consequence of edema during pregnancy is the development of a woman with a late toxicosis(gestosis of pregnant women), which can cause disturbances in the work of the nervous, endocrine and circulatory systems of the body. Also, gestosis can cause nephropathy and pre-eclampsia, in which very often pregnancy ends prematurely by induction (stimulation) of labor or by cesarean section. Such interference in the natural course of pregnancy is mandatory, because against a background of severe gestosis, such dangerous conditions for the fetus as premature detachment of the placenta and oxygen starvation (intrauterine hypoxia) may arise.

A serious cause for concern should beexcessive weight gain - over 300 grams per week (or more than 20 kg for all the previous months of pregnancy). To correct this condition a woman will need an additional medical examination. If the reason for the accumulation of fluid is excessive consumption of water and salt, the woman will be prescribed special dietary intake, intake of vitamins and herbal medicine. Also can prescribe diuretics (especially, in the second stage of gestosis).

To avoid dangerous effects of swelling in pregnancy. at their first manifestations (even if you are goodfeel yourself) should immediately seek advice from a doctor. If you treat lightly to this condition, it can lead to serious malfunctions in the maternal-placental-fetal system that threaten the child with prolonged hypoxia, developmental abnormalities, and may even lead to an abortion!

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