Furosemide for the removal of edema and cellulite

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Furosemide (aka lasix) is a diuretic drug,very old. The main danger is that with its frequent use, trace elements, especially potassium, are excreted from the body. The first signs of hypokalemia (lack of potassium) - the appearance of muscle cramps, especially in the morning reduces the calves of the legs. Whatever it is, usually furosemide is prescribed with potassium preparations. potassium orotate, panangin, asparks.
In addition, there may be a violation of the heart rate, a drop in pressure.
In general, furosemide is rather an emergency drug (for removing edema, reducing blood pressure, etc.). and not a drug for long-term treatment.
More modern diuretics (the so-called potassium saving) are free of these drawbacks.

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the kidneys will dry up. and this is no longer a joke. fearfully.

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calcium is washed away - there will be osteoporosis - very weak bones

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any drug is harmful with constant use. It should be remembered that too strong a diuretic effect can lead to a thickening of the blood, which means that it will not feed the cells and tissues of the body with oxygen and nutrients, and can lead to the formation of thrombi. Therefore, before deciding to use any diuretics, you need to consult a doctor. Give a detailed blood test.
replace Furosemide with herbal tea with linden, cowberry leaves, oregano, cranberries.

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Excessive excretion of trace elements: potassium, calcium and tp. And they are the basis of the body's work, from the bones to the heart

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