A common cause of the occurrence of edema is wearing

Edema under the eyes are found almost in everyone,most often in women, men do not pay attention to this symptom. Such a defect is not only cosmetic, it is one of the symptoms of a serious disease. You do not need to hide the swelling of the eyes with different creams, tonal bases, you should immediately contact your doctor to find out which disease caused swelling.

Ophthalmic tissue has a peculiar structure, therefore it tends to swell, if the vasculature is branched, the flow of blood leads to a strong puffiness.

It's not scary when edema occurs as a result ofthe body's reaction to the stimulus, they are not dangerous. Swollen eyelids due to harmful nutrition, when a person abuses coffee, tea, water, other drinks. The kidneys can not bear the increased load, everything that the person has drunk, begins to enter the tissues.

In the morning, swelling in the eyes is triggered by abusealcoholic drinks, because of it the liquid is long delayed in cells. When a person abuses salt with spices, smoked foods, his eyelids can swell. Salt with spices keeps the liquid in the body, so its output is disturbed.

If a person does not drink enough water, they canthere is edema, because the tissues begin to be stored with liquid, so the person has swollen eyes. Pay attention, edema occurs not only because of the excess fluid, but also its lack. Keep track of her body, you need to drink at least 3 liters per day.

In some situations, swelling is a reactionorganism. Swollen and swollen eyelids, when a person cries much, especially they are aggravated after a lot of stress, nervous tension. When the body begins to defend, it rises, a large number of tears are released, as a result, the blood tide increases, fluid in large quantities accumulates in the tissues near the eyes.

Edema is caused by lack of sleep, sleepless nights -all this negatively affects the health of a person, his appearance. Swollen eyes can appear in those who like to sleep without a pillow, when the head is lowered down, there are problems with lymphatic, venous outflow of blood from the head.

Puffiness can be caused by fatiguemuscles of the eyes after working on the computer, often appears in motorists, someone who likes to read a lot, tissues suffer from a lack of oxygen, so there are swelling.

When the eyes come in contact with smoke, steam,other foreign bodies, so the swelling becomes a protection. Smoke of tobacco adversely affects the skin under the eyes, because it contains various useful substances, compounds. Because of smoking, there can be serious swelling, because a person is constantly suffering from hypoxia, the body is hammered by harmful substances. Edema occurs after eye injury if a stroke has been applied to the eye, forehead, nose, and head.

Edema of the eyelids in women

1. Swelling caused by the abuse of decorative cosmetics, if a woman does not wash it off in time.

2. When a woman abuses a nourishing, moisturizing eye creams. Due to the fact that the woman is applying a lot of cream for centuries, the cells suffer from an excess of moisture, start to swell sharply.

3. The injections with Botox can worsen the outflow of lymph, edema not only appear, but also worsen.

4. A woman's swelling often occurs when the menstrual cycle ends, due to the fact that at this time, estrogens are active.

5. Late lines of pregnancy cause swelling, due to the fact that a large amount of water accumulates in the body, salts and kidneys work for two.

Physiological causes of edema

Due to age-related skin changes, problems withmuscular-ligamentous eye apparatus, fat begins to be actively deposited, and eyelids drastically swell, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Some people always have swollen eyelids, because they have such a structure, it is transmitted genetically.

Pathological causes of edema

It is dangerous when the puffiness is provoked by a seriousan allergy, in this situation it is necessary to give up contact with the allergen. In addition to edema, there is severe itching, it cuts in the eyes, tears constantly flow, eyes turn red, a person is afraid of light, sneezes constantly, his nose is pinched, and a lot of mucus from his nose. Allergic swelling can be quickly removed if you stop contacting the allergen. In this situation, you need to take Loratodin, Suprastie, Cetrin, Fenistil, Zirtek, Zodak, Lecrolin. It is advised to use decongestants - Vizin, Okumil, may need immunotherapy.

It is dangerous when edema is provoked by severe eye swelling - ptosis, scleritis, blepharitis. there is swelling due to the inflammatory process - conjunctivitis.

1. The use of antibiotics, which will help get rid of pathogenic microflora.

2. Physiotherapy procedures help - laser, use of dry heat, magnet.

3. It is advised to use contrasting lotions, first apply warm, then cold cotton wool discs.

4. Recommend to use a decoction with dill, chamomile, linden, sage, cornflowers. Wipe your eyes every day. It is especially useful to use a decoction of field horsetail, arnica, and turns. Prepare infusion easy, you need to take a teaspoon of herbs, fill them in 100 ml of boiling water, insist 15 minutes. After applying to the eye area.

5. Mask, lotion with parsley in its composition has a large number of minerals, vitamins, with the help of the product you can get rid of puffiness of the face. To make a lotion, you need to take greens - a tablespoon, 250 ml of boiling water, insist 20 minutes. Then freeze and wipe the skin in the morning eyelids.

6. Using fresh things - potatoes, cucumbers, with the help of them you can refresh the skin, get rid of puffiness.

Thus, the swelling of the eyelids not only spoils the appearance, they can talk about serious diseases. It is important to find out the cause in time, only this way you can get rid of swelling for a long time.