Allowing stagnation of the fluid appearance of edema

Edema on the face looks terrible and createsan unpleasant impression. Often they are a sign of internal disorders in the body, but they can arise simply because of lack of sleep. What to do in this case, how to get rid of edema on the face, in order to look fresh and rested in the morning?

Causes of edema on the face

To cause swelling on the face can be a variety of reasons.

Swollen eyelids and small puffiness of facein the morning can be evidence of the accumulation of fluid in the tissues against the background of consumption of large amounts of liquid at night, as well as salty and smoked food in the evening. Against the background of problems with the kidneys edema will only increase.

Swelling under the eyes can also be a consequenceconstant lack of sleep. Normally, an adult needs an eight-hour, healthy sleep. Insomnia, awkward position during sleep, late bedtime and early awakening, night gatherings with the use of alcoholic beverages, etc. often interfere with compliance with the regime.

Sometimes swelling on the face can be triggered by high air temperature and appear against the stagnation of fluid in the tissues, because in the heat we consume a huge amount of liquid.

According to some experts, the emergence ofPuffiness of the face can be associated with the approaching onset of the menstrual cycle. Such a phenomenon is absolutely normal, it is not common for everyone, it is not dangerous for health, and therefore does not require treatment or elimination.

During pregnancy, swelling accompaniesalmost every woman, which is due to the accumulation of fluid in the tissues due to hormonal changes in the body. In the heat of pregnancy, puffiness is considered normal, especially if it passes in the morning. It's usually enough to lie down with your feet up or make a cool compress on your face and body, as they quickly disappear. If in the morning the problem does not disappear, you should consult a doctor, as there is a high risk of gestosis - a dangerous state for a woman and a child. In this situation, treatment is carried out in a hospital.

Any kind of injury leads to the appearance of swelling. In this case, it is important to consult a doctor who will prescribe special ointments, advise lotions, etc. If other unpleasant symptoms join the swelling (the temperature rises, pain, feeling worse), then there is an infectious inflammation. In this case, the path one - to the doctor.

Sometimes the blame of a swollen face can becomeallergen, in this case we are talking about Quincke's edema, which requires urgent medical care. Allergic swelling can also occur on poor-quality cosmetics, so you should be more careful in choosing a cosmetic for your face.

A person can swell with a disturbed metabolism, due to an increase in the body's need for vitamins and nutrients.

Edema on the face can be a manifestation of one of the serious diseases (diabetes, obesity, hypertension, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease).

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Methods for removing swelling from the face

Before you remove the swelling from your face, you needto eliminate the cause that provoked his appearance. For this, it is important to undergo examination for internal diseases and disorders. If they are absent, it is important to normalize your sleep, eliminate alcohol consumption, eat right and drink at least a liter of clean drinking water a day. Sometimes these measures are enough to prevent puffiness from disturbing you more.

How to remove the swelling from the face, if it is caused by the intake of alcohol or a lot of liquid? In this case, some simple tips will help, which will eliminate puffiness within 1.5-2 hours:
alternating face rinsing with hot and cold water;
cool compress on the eyes (cooled packetsgreen tea, put ice cubes in a bag and wrap with a towel, apply to the edema for 15 minutes) or rub the swollen area with ice cubes from herb decoction (St. John's wort, mint, sage, green tea, chamomile) stimulates lympho- and blood circulation, removing swelling from the face ;
light self-massage of the face and the area of ​​the eyelids by the pads of the fingers.

If the swelling from your face needs to be removed quickly, you cantake a single dose diuretic. To take a fancy diuretics it is not necessary, as it is fraught with disturbances of work of heart. The same action (a little longer wait) has an ordinary green tea, stimulating the work of the kidneys. Therefore, a freshly brewed cup of green tea will not only cheer up in the morning, but also quickly rid of unwanted swelling on the face. Diuretic effect is also noted in decoctions of berries of mountain ash, leaves of cranberries, horsetail of field (for a tablespoon of raw material a glass of boiling water, insist for twenty minutes), and just for watermelon, cucumbers and cranberries.

Swelling caused by hot weather, well cleaned by cold compresses and trays.

If you are often concerned about swelling, try to include in your diet root of ginger, hot chili, nuts.

Remove facial puffiness will help a mixture of vegetable oil and juniper oil (on a tablespoon of 2 drops). Apply the composition to the skin with light massaging movements.

If the edema of age, allergic or inflammatory nature will help ice cubes from decoction of chamomile or mint. Only with the presence of couperose, the procedure is contraindicated.

Compress with soda will also quickly cope with swellingon the face. To do this, in a glass of cold tea, you need to add a tablespoon of soda, moisten the napkin in the solution and apply it to the swelling area for ten minutes.

Compress from the infusion of calendula also givessuperior anti-decongestant effect. A tablespoon of herbs to brew a glass of boiling water, insist half an hour and strain. Dampen in the received infusion, a gauze napkin and apply to the face for a minute. Then wipe the napkin again and apply again for a minute. So do seven times.

If you have swelling of the lower eyelids, the situation will be corrected by circles of fresh cucumbers, superimposed on this area for about twenty minutes. The effect will be noticeable immediately.

Edema in case of injury is removed in several stages: apply cold to the site of damage, and then apply a resorptive, decongestant and venotonic agent (for example, on the basis of badyagi).

How to remove the swelling from the face, masks recipes

Mask from swelling after sunburn.

Egg white - 1 pc.

Fix the protein in a foam and lubricate the face. Keep the mask until it dries, rinse with cool water, and apply a skin with a high moisturizing effect to the skin.

Mask from bags under the eyes.

Green parsley - 1 bunch.

Grind a bunch of fresh parsley greens so that a little bit of liquid is released. Place the mass on two small single-layer gauze wipes, which then put under your eyes for twenty minutes.

Potato mask from swelling.

Crude potatoes - 1 pc.

Cut the potato with a small grater,impose a mass on the face and area of ​​the lower eyelids. After twenty minutes, remove the mask by washing with cool water. You can simply squeeze the juice from the potato paste, moisten the napkins and apply to the area of ​​swelling.

Crushed apple mass without skin - 1 tbsp. l.
Oat flakes - 1 tbsp. l.

Ingredients mix and apply the resulting mass to the face, hold until it dries, and then rinse with cool water.

Mask with aloe juice and cucumber.

Aloe juice - 1 tbsp. l.
Potato starch - 1 pinch.
Cucumber juice - 1 tbsp. l.
Olive oil - 3 drops.

Combine the ingredients in a uniform composition, which is applied to the face and leave for ten minutes. Remove the mask with cool water. After the procedure, moisturize the skin with cream.

Clay mask with sauerkraut and potatoes.

Sauerkraut crushed - 1 tbsp. l.
Grated potato paste (fresh) - 1 tbsp. l.
White clay.

Potatoes mixed with cabbage, add clay so much to make a mass, viscous in appearance. The composition should be applied to face for five minutes, then rinse off with boiled water at room temperature.

Boiled pumpkin - 3 tbsp. l.
Honey - 1 tsp.

Pumpkin is turned into a puree-like mass, mixed with honey and applied to the skin. After 10 minutes, rinse with cool water.

Chopped green parsley - 1 tbsp. l.
Low fat cottage cheese - 1 tbsp. l.

Combine the ingredients and apply to the face, with a moistened gauze cloth on top. After half an hour wash with cool water.

Mask with honey and papaya.

Liquid honey - 1 tsp.
Flesh of ripe papaya - 3 tbsp. l.

Combine the ingredients and apply to face, after fifteen minutes, wash off the mask with cool water. The result is noticeable immediately, puffiness decreases.

Prevention of the appearance of edema on the face

  1. Restore normal sleep and rest.
  2. Normalize the diet and balance the diet, limiting consumption of salty foods.
  3. To go in for sports (swimming, running, walks on fresh air not less than hour daily).
  4. Competently organize a bed (use high pillows, or raise the head to 10-15 cm).

These non-complex tips will help get rid of edema on the face and prevent their appearance at the most inopportune time.

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