To reveal the latent edema, a test is performed

Its principle is in staining with a solutionSchiller-Pisarev glycogen gums (reaction with iodine). When inflammation occurs, the accumulation of glycogen in the gum due to keratinization of the epithelium. Therefore, when interacting with iodine, the inflamed gingiva is more intensely colored than the healthy one. It acquires shades from light brown to dark brown. More intense coloration indicates a greater degree of inflammation.

The Schiller-Pisarev test is carried out as followsway: wipe the gum piece to be examined, isolate it from saliva and apply a cotton ball dipped in Lugol's solution or in a Schiller-Pisarev solution. The Schiller-Pisarev test is used in children to identify gingivitis. To do this, gum staining is performed with the following solution: potassium iodide 2.0 iodine crystal -1.0 distilled water up to 40.0. A healthy gum with this solution is not stained. Change in its color under the action of this solution occurs with inflammation, and then the sample is considered positive.

PMA Index</ i> - Papillary - Marginal - Alveolar index.

To assess the severity of gingivitis and registrationdynamics of inflammatory processes in the gums use the PMA index. Assess the condition of the gums of each tooth visually, after staining it with a solution of Schiller-Pisarev. In this case, the inflamed areas of the gum acquire a brown color due to the presence of glycogen in them.

Evaluation of PMA index is carried out according to the following codes and criteria:

0 - no inflammation (the gum is not stained with Schiller's solution - Pisarev)

1 - inflammation of the gingival papilla only (P)

2 - inflammation of the marginal gingiva (M)

3 - inflammation of the alveolar gingiva (A)

The PMA index is equal to the sum of the points of the examined teeth divided by the product of the number 3 by the number of teeth examined as a percentage.

The PMA index is calculated using the formula: PMA = (sum of scores) / (3 * number of teeth examined) * 100%

The number of teeth integrity, while maintaining the integrity of the dentition, is taken into account depending on age:

6 - 11 years - 24 teeth

12 - 14 years old - 28 teeth

15 years and older - 30 teeth

If there are missing teeth, then divide by the number of teeth in the oral cavity.

Ideally, the PMA index tends to zero. The larger the numerical value of the index, the higher the intensity of gingivitis.

Evaluation criteria of the PMA index:

Ο 30% or less - mild severity of gingivitis

Ó 31 - 60% - medium severity

Ó 61% and higher - severe

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