Gymnastics for eyelids from swelling

Unfortunately this is sad, but at the moment the question is " how to tighten your eyelids ? »Worried a lot of women.

G-laz is the most important part of the face, they are indetermine the first impression that surrounds us. Every woman tries to pick up make-up in such a way that her eyes look even bigger and more expressive.
Unfortunately, the skin on our eyelids is very thin and delicate, and does not contain any fat. It is on it that the first wrinkles . and often already by the age of 25, and if a teenager ineptly uses makeup, then even earlier.
G odam to 40-ka weakened and ligaments connectingthe upper eyelids with levators (the muscles lifting them), all the muscles of the eyes dry out, begin to atrophy. As a result, the wrinkled skin of the upper eyelids hangs over the eyes, visually reducing them. The look becomes gloomy and tired, sometimes very heavy.

P caustic woman can accept the loss of beauty, the majority seeks a way to preserve it or return.
Do you want to tighten your upper eyelids? Plastic surgeons in this case offer their patients an operation - blepharoplasty. During its carrying out the cut on a line of a natural fold of a century through which the surpluses of a skin and клетчатки are removed. Only here not everyone allows health and financial well-being to lie under the knife, and besides, the result of plastic surgery is not always predictable.

In the exit from the situation can be the implementation of Exercises for the Eyes. After all, if any muscles of the body are weakened, theirshould be strengthened by physical exertion, the muscles of the eyelids are no exception. True effect of the gymnastics for the eyelids will not be noticeable quickly. But still, with its help, with the desire and patience it is possible to achieve very significant achievements.

Do daily exercises for theseveral times, and after a couple of months you will see a noticeable result. The eyes will become more expressive and open, their puffiness will decrease, the visual acuity will increase.
Moreover, it is not necessary to expectthe moment when you need to tighten your eyelids. Train them constantly from a young age, do not neglect cosmetic procedures for the eyelids, sleep well - and the sight of your eyes will delight you for a very long time.

Preventive and rejuvenating gymnastics for the eyelids is best done sitting on a chair in front of the mirror to see which muscles are working.

1. For warm-up, perform an exercise for the eyelids, strengthening the musculature of the eyes and increasing their mobility.
Look for a few seconds, thenslowly move your eyes to the left to the point of failure, after a few seconds - up, after - to the right and after a short pause - down. The eyes gradually turn clockwise. In each position, the view is fixed for a couple of seconds.
Do so 5 circles, and repeat everything in reverse order, moving the view counter-clockwise.

2. Exercise for the upper eyelids "rapid blinking"
Raise your head up, direct your gaze to the ceiling, open your mouth and blink rapidly for at least half a minute.

3. Exercise "on duty"
Close your eyes tightly, count to yourself about three, then open wide to the point of failure, looking into the distance. After again, firmly close your eyelids. The forehead and eyebrows remain motionless, only the upper eyelids work.
Repeat 5 times in a row.

4. Open your eyes, put your fingertips to your temples. Slightly pull the skin back, trying not to stretch it strongly. Quickly close and open your eyes for about half a minute. Take care that your fingers do not move, only your eyelids move.

5. The next exercise that helps to tighten the eyelids is called "Geisha"
Close your eyes. With the fingers of the index fingers, hold the skin over the outer corners of the eyes, lightly pressing on it. Overcome the pressure of the fingers, try to raise the upper eyelids as high as possible, hold them in this position for a couple of seconds, then lower and relax.

6. Repeat the previous exercise for the eyelids, putting the pads of the index fingers just above the inner corners of the eyes.

7. Remove the impending eyelids well helps exercise "wings of a butterfly"
Close your eyes and lay them on the upper eyelids.The index fingers are perpendicular to the line of the nose or at an angle of 45 degrees to it. Overcome the resistance of your fingers, open your eyes as wide as possible, and after a couple of seconds, close it again. Eyebrows should not move.

8. Exercise for the upper eyelids "look at your nose"
Tilt your head up as far as you can, and lower your eyelids as low as possible and stay in that position for 5 seconds. Then relax.

9. To relax the eye muscles, rub your palms against each other so that they warm up. Close your eyes, but do not squint. Give palms the shape of the boat and cover them with the eye area, without touching the eyelids. Sit in this position until you feel that your eyes and eyelids have rested enough.

This kind of uncomplicated gymnastics for the eyes is recommended to be performed twice a day, making each exercise (except the last) 5-6 times.
You can spend at home, allocating for this purpose onlyfor 15 minutes of time in the morning and in the evening, or even at work, especially if it is connected with a multi-hour sitting at the computer. Thus, you will get a double benefit: tighten the eyelids (or prevent their lowering) and eliminate visual fatigue.

To every man is able to preserve the externalattractiveness is long enough and without significant financial costs. All, of course, is aging, it's a natural process, but it can be considerably slowed down by motor activity. Professional athletes and just supporters of an active lifestyle retain a tight and embossed body for a long time, thanks to constant training.
And it is tax, as a result of the corresponding gymnastics, the atrophied muscles of the eyelids are strengthened and pulled up.

And even if you remove the impending eyelids with the help ofblepharoplasty, the doctor will still recommend in the future to do gymnastics for the eyelids. In this there is nothing surprising, physicians clean only the consequence, and the cause is still there, muscle atrophy and aging of the skin of the eyelids continue, and regular charging is the only effective way to suspend them.

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