Treatment of edema in liver cancer

Nutrition for liver cancer

Diet in cancer treatment should promote normalization of impaired metabolism and facilitate the work of the liver.

Nutrition for liver cancer should have the followingthe basis is cellulose, vitamins, microelements. If you are worried about swelling, you should reduce the intake of fluid and salt, but if you are concerned about vomiting, you need to increase their intake by the contrary.

If you lose weight, then you need to increaseconsumption of products containing vegetable and animal proteins - chicken, veal, beef, lean fish (perch, cod, navaga, pike perch), as well as dairy products and cereals, in particular buckwheat and oat porridge. The main way of cooking is cooking and quenching. Nutrition for liver cancer should be regular, that is every four hours, this is about five times a day.

Eating eggs because they containa high level of fat, should be minimal - no more than two eggs per week, cooked as an omelet. Limit costs and the use of butter - a maximum of 70 grams per day to an adult.

The use of light cheese with a low percentagefat content is allowed, but a little. You can also eat a small amount of caviar and herring, as well as sauerkraut - all in order to increase appetite, as in liver cancer it decreases.

In any quantity, the use of fruits and vegetables is allowed (with the exception of tomatoes). It is useful to use freshly squeezed juices. The most useful is carrot, which helps to cleanse the liver.

For lunch, cook light vegetable, cereal and milk soups.

In sweet it is necessary to limit, only jam, honey, pastille and marmalade are allowed.

Nutrition for liver cancer should exclude the use of fried, spicy, smoked and pickled products, as well as fatty meat, alcohol, beans, onions, nuts, cocoa and coffee.

It is important to understand that nutrition for liver cancer isdiet, but not starvation, but rather a lifestyle that provides the body with the necessary useful vitamins and trace elements that contribute to an effective fight against cancer. To perceive a diet in this way is much easier for the mental state.

Adhering to the correct power supply, it is recommendedalso the use of herbal decoctions, infusions and tinctures, which help in the fight against liver cancer. There are curative properties of cowberry infusion, watermelon juice, radish juice, infusions of dandelions and marigolds. It is important not to overdo it, because if you use everything at once, it can say negatively on your well-being. Therefore, consult a phytotherapeutist who will tell you the correct individual pattern of use.

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