How to get rid of lymphatic edema

The material was published in the January 2004 issue. author: Yuri VERSHININ, clinic

For many women, the state has become familiar,when there are no obvious diseases, but you do not feel healthy either: constant fatigue, headaches, legs swell by the end of the day, you look bad ... How can you help yourself? Advertising offers dozens of miracle drugs and procedures: they say, buy - and life will again play with all colors. Unfortunately, not everything is so simple. Let's first understand, what is the reason for the misfortunes.

Who is guilty?
The question of getting rid of those that do not exist, butFairly spoiling the life of ailments is very acute today. It is noticed that bad state of health, irritability, swelling, frequent colds for some reason are piled up simultaneously. What is happening to us? Modern medicine calls quite definite reasons.
It is known that the supply of our body to allnecessary to monitor the circulatory system: the arteries in the cells receive food and oxygen, the veins of waste life, but not all. And the removal and neutralization of the most harmful substances (the remains of decaying cells, all kinds of microbes, viruses, toxins - both from internal origin and from outside) are involved in the lymphatic system. All human organs and tissues are permeated with tiny lymphatic vessels, through which lymph delivers the decay products to the lymph nodes, where they are destroyed (remember how lymph nodes increase during illness).
In a sense, the lymphatic system can becompare with sewerage, and malfunctions in its work - with partial clogging: waste life is not completely removed, is their accumulation and the gradual intoxication (poisoning) of the body. Bad health and sleep, chronic fatigue, poor working capacity, frequent headaches, unhealthy skin color, unpleasant body odor and the like - its typical manifestations. Such a state can be defined by the now popular phrase "accumulation of wastes", but only informally, since official medicine does not know such a thing as slag.

To understand the mechanism of disorders in the lymph systemit is important to know the following: undeveloped decay products do not lie on the backs of our body, but as if floating in the intercellular fluid. And if you consider that a person is 70% water, only 5% of them are for blood and the bulk of the fluid fills the space between the cells, then the scale of poisoning becomes clear.
In a healthy person, the lymphatic systemcleans the body, pumping out the intercellular fluid along with the waste of two to four liters a day, dropping it later in the blood - into the so-called subclavian veins. In case of malfunctions, fluid from the tissues is not excreted in the proper volume, which causes swelling and symptoms of intoxication.
As a rule, first of all they suffer from edemalegs, but swelling of the face, bruises and bags under the eyes usually have the same cause. To some extent, diuretics help (accelerated fluid flow through another channel), but in general the problem remains: the partial withdrawal of the liquid does not solve the problem of release from the decay products. Note also that with a littered lymphatic system, the meaning of the diet is largely lost. since the liquid enters the body, but is not removed from the tissues.
However, intoxication and edema problems of manwith a clogged lymph system are not exhausted. The fact that the system is responsible for immunity: microbes that enter the body are transported to the lymph nodes, where they are neutralized. Therefore, in case of failures, even a small infection leads to the development of the disease. This explains the frequent colds.
Thus, we found out why the diseases listed at the beginning of the article affect a person at the same time: the main cause of their occurrence is one.

What to do?
From what has been said it is clear that to get rid of adversityit is possible only by adjusting the normal functioning of the lymphatic system. In fact, whether our lymph flow well or badly around the vessels, our state of health, working capacity, appearance, presence or absence of extra pounds, sexuality, and, therefore, our successes in working and in personal life, largely depend. The difficulty of treatment is that the lymphatic system is a delicate and vulnerable mechanism. Restore its work by pumping (drainage), and perform quality lymphatic drainage is very difficult, and that's why.
It is known that blood from the capillaries of the bloodThe system flows under pressure, pumped by the heart. In the lymphatic system, there is no such pump, and the lymph flow is due to weak vascular contractions and general muscle activity. With age, the person moves less, the tone of the vessels decreases, and the lymph moves slower along the capillaries.
But the main problem in the other. Because of the low pressure of the liquid, the finest (hundredths of a millimeter) of lymphocapillaries is very easily squeezed. A lot of almost imperceptible microspasms in muscles, tissues and ligaments dramatically worsen the lymph flow (remember a little trembling with excitement muscle). Note that in their appearance an important role is played by the psychological component. Therefore, in women who have a higher psychological lability (instability), the described problems are observed more often than in men.

At present, there is practically the only effective procedure for pumping the lymphatic system - Manual lymphatic drainage. in the course of which an experienced osteopathic physician first, during an hour, removes the slightest tensions and spasms layer by layer throughout the entire body - both on the surface and in the depths of the tissues. And only then for fifteen to twenty minutes it realizes the pumping of the lymph system itself.
To date, more known hardwarelymphatic drainage. But no device is able to detect, let alone remove the smallest spasms and strains in the depth of tissues, that is, eliminate the main obstacles to lymph flow. In addition, the main lymph nodes - the thoracic duct and the abdominal cistern - are located deep inside the thorax and abdominal cavity. They can be worked out only by the hands of a qualified osteopathic physician. Hardware procedures affect only the peripheral part of the lymph system, and exclusively on its surface layer.
After a course of manual lymph drainage, the patients admit that their long-term chronic fatigue and headaches have gone away, swelling has disappeared, the complexion has improved and skin elasticity has increased.

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