Honey against swelling

Honey is a universal useful product,which is used not only for food, but also used for various cosmetic procedures. The honey applied on the face will make the skin smooth and gentle, massage using honey will help get rid of cellulite, and that useful substances penetrate deep into the skin and energetically affect the fat deposits, use anti-cellulite wrap with honey.

To do this, a layer of fresh, unsugared honey is applied to the body and covered with a film. Regular honey wraps against cellulite increase immunity, in the body reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat . the puffiness disappears and, accordingly, the signs of cellulite on the abdomen, hips and hands decrease.

Honey wraps can be carried out not only in beauty parlors, but also at home. How to properly hold a honey wrap to get the maximum cosmetic effect?

Procedure honey wrap against cellulite

First of all, at first we thoroughly clean the skin,preferably using a scrub. Then we apply an even layer of slightly warmed natural honey. After that, take a roll of food film (width 30-35 cm) and wrap the problem areas.

The first round is done around the waist, then twocoils down the left leg to the level of the knee. Then we move in the opposite direction to the level of the waist. After making a turn on the waist, repeat the procedure for wrapping the right leg. The turns are made tight, but not tight, so as not to disturb the blood circulation. We wrap the wrap around the waist with several turns. Now you need to wear warm home pants, wrapped in a blanket and you can rest, lying on the couch, watching your favorite TV series.

After an hour and a half, take a shower and apply anti-cellulite cream. As you can see, the wrapping mechanism is quite simple, but very effective. Remember that after wrapping, do not go out into the street.

In addition to using pure warm honey, you can add various components to it to enhance the effect.

Honey with essential oils

Heat the honey and add a fewdrops of anti-cellulite essential oil in the proportion: 5 tbsp. spoons of honey 3 - 4 drops of oil. Stir until the oil dissolves completely. You can take pine oils (cypress, pine) or citrus (grapefruit, orange, mandarin). The main thing is not to abuse the oil so as not to cause burns on the skin.

Honey with milk or yogurt

Take two parts of honey and mix with one part of milk or yogurt. We put the mixture on the body and hold it for about an hour. Adding dairy products makes the skin velvety and gentle.

Add the mustard powder in the honey with a proportion of 2:1 (you need to add a little water to the dry mustard, so that the powder gets wet). Stir the mixture to a homogeneous mass and apply to the skin. To enhance the effect, it is better not to go to bed, but to do physical exercises or work at home - this stimulates blood circulation in the tissues and enhances the removal of subcutaneous fat deposits.

Honey wraps are suitable for people of anysex and age. It is important to observe precautions, taking into account your health and excluding the possibility of allergies. After the procedure, you can not take a cold shower.

But after a month of regular wraps that can be performed up to three times a week, you will see how your skin will become smoother, puffiness will disappear, and extra centimeters will leave your hips and waistline.

One of the video wrapping recipes from honey, citrus peel, ground coffee and yellow clay: