Dropper for swelling

What is puffiness probably knows the majoritypregnant women. According to statistics, three quarters of expectant mothers usually suffer from the appearance of edema. Let's try to understand why during pregnancy there are swelling and what to do about it.

It would be natural to assume that the flow inThe time of bearing a baby is a consequence of an excess of fluid in the body. And so it actually is. As a rule, puffiness is most pronounced in the area of ​​the ankles, which causes many inconveniences, both with clothes and with shoes. Do not confuse the swelling with the condition when the feet are a little swollen as a result of you all day on your feet or drank too much tea the day before. The simple test will help you to distinguish the first from the second one: press your finger on the place of the swelling and keep your finger pressed to this area for about 20 seconds. If it really is about swelling, then on the place of pressure will remain a pit of whitish color. Swelling also brings with it swelling and unnatural appearance of the legs. As a rule, it is difficult to put on shoes, because the limb just does not want to get into a shoe or shoes. In fact, the puffiness of the legs becomes a whole catastrophe for the future mummy.

What becomes the cause that provokesthe formation of unwanted swelling? One of the likely options is that the growing uterus begins to experience pelvic veins, which provokes excess water, which accumulates, can lead to swelling of the legs. By and large, swelling is not a threat to the woman and the baby. However, remember that if you notice that the swelling has moved to the upper part of the body, then this is an alarm signal. If you have a swollen face or upper limbs, then this is an occasion to immediately consult a doctor, because such swelling can be a symptom of gestosis. It is known that gestosis is extremely dangerous for a pregnant woman, because it causes oxygen starvation of the fetus, and can also become a real threat to the successful course and decoupling of pregnancy.

Modern medicine offers manyfunds that can help pregnant women cope with the swelling. First of all, you should remember that the effective prevention of edema is physical activity. Do not forget that the physical exercises that you should perform can become a guarantee that edema will either not appear or be mild. Naturally, do not overexert yourself. Ideal for pregnant women will be walking in the fresh air, which will benefit both mother and baby.

The swelling of the lower extremities can be removed,placing your feet above the level of the pelvis. Lie on the couch and throw your feet on his back. Thus, you can relax and remove excessive puffiness. In addition, if you know that you are prone to swelling, you should definitely avoid excessive consumption of salty, smoked foods and products that can hold water in the body (nuts, olives). You should reduce the amount of salt that you eat, because sodium is able to hold water in the cages.

Previously, doctors often recommended women lessdrink, suggesting that in this way it is possible to reduce the water retention in the maternal body. At the moment, such an opinion is not considered competent. Remember that water is very important for you and the crumbs. You should drink if you are thirsty. However, drink better water, fruit drinks, unsweetened juices, excluding drinks with caffeine, because it is known that caffeine is a diuretic, which provokes an increased excretion of water from the body. Do not limit the use of water, limit the amount of salt consumed, which is directly responsible for water retention in tissues.

Modern seasonings and spices that you canTo buy in stores, as a rule, involves a fairly large amount of salt, so their use must also be reduced. The consumption of water must be within reason. As a rule, doctors recommend not to exceed the dose of one and a half liters of clean water. If you eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, then perhaps you need less water, because fruits and vegetables are themselves rich in liquid.

Euphyllin is one of the most popularmedicines that can cope with swelling during pregnancy. This drug has a broadening effect on blood vessels. It also helps your kidneys better cope with their work. Thus, the body more effectively removes the recycled liquid. The use of this drug leads to a decrease in edema, the removal of salt from the body and the optimization of overall well-being. Doctors prescribe Euphyllin to pregnant women for a short time - usually for several days. It happens that there is a need for a long course of treatment. For example, a doctor can prescribe you Eufillin, which you need to drink a month. Do not forget that Eufillin is a strong medicine, the use of which is permissible only under the control and on the recommendation of the attending physician. Self-medication with this drug for the future mother is unacceptable!

Often doctors prescribe pregnant women is not easyEufillin, and the whole complex, which includes dietary supplements and vitamins. Any medical-medicamentous complex is selected by the attending physician strictly individually, being guided by the needs and physiological characteristics of the particular pregnant woman.

Author of the publication: Nikita Rybakov

Olga, 2016-02-24 19:22:15:

And I mixed eupheline with iodine and in the morning I drank one tablet for 9 days very frightened when I realized this, the doctor said that it's okay is a small dose, but I'm still scared

Love, 2015-02-28 08:17:37:

I went into pathology with severe swelling of the hands and feet, I was prescribed 2 days to drink euphyllin, swelling went right before my eyes, and my well-being improved, the term was 37 weeks.

Olga, 2013-02-14 07:46:29:

Also lying with edema in the hospital at 34 weeks. Edema was terrible, shoes could not even wear. They put injections and droppers. Before delivery, it later reached without this problem.

Ekaterina, 2013-02-12 01:55:58:

Yes, a small puffiness is normal forpregnant women, but if swellings are strong, then it's better not to take risks. Maybe earlier there were fewer such problems, but now there are a lot of girls in the maternity hospitals with suspicion of gestosis. They can not remove swampfish or cranberry edema.

Karina, 2013-02-11 16:56:35:

Probably someone like, I have a terribletahikardija was. And then I subtracted or deducted, as the child can have also a tachycardia. Therefore, the doctor was advised, and she advised me that with a small puffiness, it is better to drink a decoction of cranberries and cranberry mors.

Elena, 2013-02-10 00:40:16:

To me for the whole pregnancy the doctor several timesEuphyllin prescribed, but there was no result at all. When in the maternity hospital on the preservation lay, I was given droppers from swelling, too, with Euphyllin, and all the swelling as a hand took off. Can the tablets have a small concentration or they are poorly digested? But droppers simply do wonders and, by the way, do not necessarily lay down to save them to swallow. This can be done in a women's consultation, it's just that doctors do not always mention this!