Quick-acting pharmacies for edema and wrinkles

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Did you know that creams and candles from hemorrhoids prevent the appearance of wrinkles? And can aspirin cleanse and straighten the skin in a week? What ordinary licorice will save you from age spots?

Creams and candles from hemorrhoids prevent wrinkles

Such non-standard use of a cream fromHemorrhoids will help smooth even deep wrinkles. It's all about the fat of the liver of a shark and other substances that condense and regenerate tissues and relieve swelling.

Candles from hemorrhoids soften in a water bath to a creamy state, then put under the eyes or even the entire face.

For example, the model Kate Moss knows to hide the dark circles under his eyes, and after a sleepless night to freshen the face, simply apply the cream from hemorrhoids.

They star the skin around the eyes and all the swelling. "It's just a luxury tool," Kate rejoices. "It acts instantly."

To renew the skin once a week is good to do a cleansing mask of aspirin. Drip a drop of water on the aspirin. It is granulated.

We add a teaspoon of honey, mix it. We put it on the face for 10 minutes, then massage it, like a scrub, wash it off. The mask removes all redness and even the skin.

Retinoic ointment for rejuvenation

The action of retinoic ointment is based on the direct stimulating action of retinoic acid and its derivatives (retinoids) on the skin. Retinoids are synthetic analogs of a vitamin

A.Maz is positioned as anti-acne, but it is also an excellent prevention of aging, improves skin condition, removes redness. It can be used as a cream.

Licorice against age pigmentation

Extract of licorice root regulates productionmelanin, which helps fight age spots dark liquorice extract evens out skin tone, making it less noticeable dark spots, tightens facial contours.

You can use it, simply brewing the root of the licorice, to insist - to wipe your face or rinse your mouth.

Vietnamese "star" for tightening the skin

If you need to urgently get rid of bags under the eyes helps the most ordinary "Vietnamese starlet." It tightens the skin, which is said, "in front of your eyes."

The main components of the balsam "Star" -menthol oil, formic acid, eucalyptus oil, clove oil, rosehip extract, mint oil, cinnamon oil, petrolatum, camphor oil, other auxiliaries. When using, try to avoid the area around the eyes.

Zinc ointment for wrinkles

With the help of zinc ointment it is possible to fight withwrinkles. In this case, if zinc ointment from acne is applied only to the edges of the inflammation focus, then in the case of wrinkles it can be applied with a thin layer on the entire surface of the aged skin.

However, it must be remembered that thisthe product sufficiently dried the skin, so it should be applied in combination with moisturizing creams, otherwise the sensitive skin under the eyes and around the mouth (where wrinkles are most often collected) will very quickly turn into dry and scaly.

Hydrocortisone ointment instead of botox, against goose paws

Hydrocortisone ointment promotes retention of moisture in the skin, which explains the effect of "reducing wrinkles". In fact, wrinkles will not decrease - on the skin an edema is created, which "stretches" them.

To begin with, it is better to test the skin onan allergic reaction. If all is well, bravely fight with wrinkles. Hydrocortisin ophthalmic ointment is a hormonal remedy for the treatment of allergies and the removal of the inflammatory process.

Liquid vitamins for rejuvenation

Buy oil capsules of vitamins A and E, puncture, squeeze out a little of the contents and apply to wrinkles. Slightly beat the fingers and leave for half an hour. Then wipe the excess with a napkin.

Do this week in 1-2 months, you can onnight, possible by day. Add these vitamins to face masks, the effect is excellent. And inside once a month, take 1 capsule 7-10 days - it is useful for complexion, hair and nails.

Vitamin A has a huge number of differentproperties. It is the king of vitamins in anti-wrinkle creams! Vitamin F is a complex of unsaturated fatty acids, intended for cleansing, nourishing the skin, especially dry, irritated and with obvious signs of wilting.

Vitamin F (in the concentration of 3-7%) helps to strengthen the epidermal barrier, restore the hydro lipid balance, and consequently - moisturize the skin, increase its turgor.