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Grapefruit has a rather bitter taste,so not many like it. But those who care about their health, should not bring this fruit to the "black list". The scientific name of this fruit is quite difficult to perceive. Pompelmus is a clump-like, fruit tree of the genus Citrus of the subfamily of the orange family of rutae - this is the full name of this plant species. The main thing that we must bear and remember from this name is that it is grapeskin. This is precisely the peculiarity - to form fruits similar to grapes. And that's why it got its name grapefruit.

Paradise citrus or its Latin name Citrusparadisi, once again proves its miraculous properties. Many people consider an orange to be a relative of a grapefruit, it is so, only it is a distant ancestor. And even closer to him is the pomelo, he appeared relatively recently in our stores, but, despite this, has already achieved the sympathy of our customers. And the similarity of these two fruits proves their similar properties. According to scientists - botanists, pomelo and grapefruit people did not distinguish until 1830.

Useful properties of grapefruit Very large, since it is enriched in setsvitamins. That is why it is often referred to as dietary products. Indeed, 100 grams of this fruit replenish our body's reserves by 59% with vitamin C, calcium - 2%, magnesium - 3%, potassium - 9%.

The use of one grapefruit a day reducesthe cholesterol content in the body, and also helps people who have cardiovascular diseases. Scientists have found that grapefruit, which has a red pulp, contains more antioxidants than fruits with white flesh. Undoubtedly, this fruit is very useful for people suffering from diabetes, as it reduces the body's need for insulin. If you suffer from gum disease, then you will help grapefruit, as it reduces bleeding gums. Truly magical properties are this fruit. Its aroma reduces your age by 5 to 6 years in the eyes of your partner. The resulting oil from this fruit is enriched with vitamins, which allows to increase the nutritional value of lotions and creams, helps to regulate the fat balance of the skin, and also disinfects the skin. It also helps to get rid of edema and cellulite.

If you are planning to sit down on a grapefruit dietand at the same time suffer from stomach diseases, then you should abandon this idea in order to avoid exacerbations. If you take antioxidants, tranquilizers, painkillers and tablets to reduce cholesterol, then you too are not recommended to eat this fruit, since its juice is able to react with these drugs, which can cause poisoning of the body. To avoid such situations, you should consult your doctor.

The composition of this fruit includes: vitamins C, D, B1, P, provitamin A, organic acids, sucrose, fructose, glucose, pectic substances, essential oils, mineral salts, phytoncides and bitter glycoside naringin, the latter responds just for the bitter taste of this fruit.

- Grapefruit is used to lower cholesteroland a significant reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease. To do this, it will be sufficient to consume one fruit a day, but only one juice without pulp will not have any effect.

- Included in the vitamins and glycoside are involved in the prevention of atherosclerosis and lowering blood pressure.

- This fruit is useful in menopause in both sexes. But at the same time with pills to reduce the pressure to use it is not necessary. If you drank tablets in the morning, then the fruit can be eaten at lunch or for dinner.

Used for liver disorders

- To improve the metabolic process, as well as to improve appetite, you should drink grapefruit juice with pulp or grapefruit.

- Used to remove stones from the gallbladder and against pain. To do this, it is enough to take before breakfast 2 tablespoons of olive oil, drinking a glass of juice from grapefruit.

- Essential oil cleanses the liver, blood and lymph from the slag.

- If you have a sedentary lifestyle or a weakeneda painful organism, you need to use grapefruit, as it replenishes the tone of the body, has a calming effect, is engaged in the recovery of forces after mental or physical overwork.

- If you suffer from insomnia, then before going to bed you can drink 0.5 cup of grapefruit juice.