Magnesium from edema

When the body accumulates a large numberfluid, the eyelids swell, the face becomes swollen, tired and the woman looks older than her years. Therefore, you need to try to get rid of edema, but you need to do it in a safe way, without harm to the eyes and health.

Swelling may appear due to an allergic reaction body on food, cosmetics. In this case, antihistamines will help with swelling. In case of lack of vitamins, magnesium, zinc, selenium in the body, there is swelling. Women often swollen their face before menstrual flow. Therefore, you need to take regular minerals and vitamins.

Sometimes it is possible to cope with this problem whenhelp of cosmetics, folk recipes. It is useful to do eyelid massage and gymnastics for the eyes. If you need to quickly bring your appearance to order and remove morning swelling, you should use the old recipes.

You need potatoes, tea bags or ice.

When using tea bags, they should be brewed, then cleaned in a cool place, in order to cool the tea. After this, the sachets can be applied to the eyelids.

Ice helps to cope with edema, it is enough to wipe daily problem areas. Puffiness disappears quickly, so this method is recommended to be used as a prophylaxis.

Potatoes should be crushed (grater, blender),put in cheesecloth and put on the skin around the eyes. A fresh cucumber helps to solve this problem. Chopped circles should be applied to the skin and lie down quietly. A compress made from decoction of herbs will help to remove puffiness. It is necessary to use such herbs as: cornflower, dill, chamomile, linden. These herbs will calm and relax the skin, swelling will disappear. One of the effective remedies is a cream prepared from parsley. You can brew dill seeds and every day before going to bed and wiping the skin in the morning. This tool will save from bruising and swelling under the eyes.

Unloading days will help to cope with swelling. which are constantly present on the face. A feature of this method is a comprehensive approach. First of all, you should go to a doctor, conduct a survey and identify the cause of puffiness. Next, you need to revise the diet. It is necessary to exclude salted, fried, canned and marinated food. The food should be correct. For a fasting day is enough once a week. You should drink water, you can not drink juices, milk, carbonated drinks. This method is very effective, but not everyone can withstand it.

You can clean swelling by a professional method. which is called lymphatic drainage. Cosmetologists can offer modern methods, for example, the method of electrostimulation, pressotherapy, ultradermalift. These hardware techniques have effective actions.

In order to avoid edema, you need to prevent their appearance. To do this, you must follow certain rules:

- You need to sleep properly, the pillow should not be high, it is recommended to put a roller under the neck.

- Before you go to bed, you need to ventilate the room, fresh air is needed.

- Do not drink a lot of fluids at night.

- After applying the night cream, you need to remove the residue from your face, do not leave it overnight.

- Do not use active moisturizing creams, because they retain fluid, and there are swelling on the skin.

Everyone knows about these rules, these are trivial truths. In the end, when it comes to observing them, some girls / women give themselves relief, and then complain that they are not helped by anything! Everything is much simpler - a person is a lazy animal, neither more nor less.

If all of the above methods do not helpa woman to cope with this problem, then you need to contact a plastic surgeon who will make blepharoplasty. To conduct this operation should be medical indications.

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