What to drink from swelling

And I strongly swollen just being deeplypregnant in the hot summer of 2007. I can say that for one day when I ate only fresh cucumbers, apples, sweet Bulgarian peppers, I lost about three kg in weight. And when I really wanted to drink clean water - I only took one sip and then rinsed my mouth with water at room temperature. Still very helps to get rid of thirst for grapes! But it is a lot of it is impossible. It greatly facilitates the work of the kidneys and, accordingly, helps to reduce the swelling of the pose on all fours, so that the tummy hangs down and does not squeeze the internal organs. So you need to stand the more often, the better.

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I was prescribed a veroshpiron course for 30 days, but Ihe did not drink. I drank furosemide all three pregnancies, on a tablet once or twice a week on an empty stomach (I prescribed myself). I tried to swallow it. Only to drink furosemide (Lasix) is necessary when you do not plan to leave home within the next five hours after reception of a pill. And still it is necessary to drink a vitamin complex at reception of diuretic preparations. Even pregnant women with hypostases prescribe broth of bearberry (bear ears), having diuretic effect and anti-inflammatory. It tastes rare muck, but flushes from kidneys all stagnant rubbish which there accumulates in silt physiological characteristics of pregnant women, and causes nephropathy, cystitis and pyelonephritis in pregnant women.

As now it is the case - I do not know, butearlier doctors demanded from pregnant women that they observed a diet. Those. avoid fatty, salty, spicy - everything, after which you want to drink, avoid carbonated drinks. And if strong swelling, then try to cut even the usual consumption of salt (ie, less salt all meals, and who needs to in the family - in their own dish will salve) By the way, Bon-Aqua without gas is better not to drink, too. from it or her it would be desirable to drink more strongly - specially it is checked up. And to drink in general is not too much, because the kidneys are very heavy during this period.

Swelling in pregnant women usually occur in hotsummer weather, in the evening, in the last months of pregnancy. If they pass after rest, this is normal. If the swelling does not subside even after rest, you need to consult a doctor. There are a few tips:

  • Try to avoid over-salted and under-salted food
  • rest so that the legs are above the level of the trunk (you can put a pillow under them)
  • drink green tea, eat more fruits and vegetables (carrots, apples).

I have swelling on my arms and legs appeared onlast month of pregnancy. My doctor advised me to try to eat less salty, spicy and sweet, drink less and try to spend more time on the move.

I also prescribed drops of Kanefron (they can be drunk during pregnancy, they are on herbs) and brew and drink herb cranberries, they have a diuretic effect.

But, to be honest, I did not really help, edemas slept themselves a couple of days before the birth.