Recovery after an edema of a quincke

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Quincke's edema is an acute, life-threatening allergic reaction, manifested by the sudden appearance of a vast swelling of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles.

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18.02.2010 16:13: Allergology and immunology / Children's allergist
Irina | | Female 25 years. | | Russia Angarsk

Hello! To my son 1d4 months. On artificial feeding for 1 month. Atopic dermatitis from 1 month. (I have (mums) eczema). The son has caught a cold. Snot began, then cough. The doctor prescribed many medications: first, mucaltin, otrivin, anaferon. lugol, protargol 2% after 3 days ambroben, inhalipt, 0.5% dioxin after 3 days x-ray, amoxiclav 125 mg, bromhexine, immunal, vetoron. On the same day, by washing carelessness, the son ate the dried fish (a small piece). Before the fish drank an antibiotic and immunal. After an hour the face swelled, it became like a big watery ball. I gave a lomilan, called an ambulance, put the hormones, took them to the hospital (they put 2 times suprastin 2% w / m, inhalation with lazolvan, zirtek 5kap in the morning and in the evening .Said that you can eat tsv.kapustu, zucchini.kartoshka, green. beans, zel.yablony.Were allergist passed the analysis on lamblia and ELISA general, but the result is not yet ready.The town has little doctors.Why do not I know how to run.What to feed the child I do not know! What can I give? And how can I get rid of allergies? Tell me, please! I want my son to live! Thank you. 19.02.10 12:16: Adelaeva Alena Sergeevna »» »

Irina, from the diet it makes sense to exclude only thoseproducts for which the child has a reaction! It turns out that in addition to the ones you exclude earlier, you need to remove the fish (if you are sure that the reasons for the swelling of Quincke in it).
Get rid of allergies can only eliminate allergens.
When treating ARVI should avoid abundancethey usually do not need children's medicines. High temperature (above 38.5) - use paracetamol or ibuprofen. In rhinitis, it is usually enough to wash your nose, if you are worried about the difficulty of nasal breathing, then a short course of vasoconstricting. Coughing in children of this age should not be treated with expectorants, as they lead to the formation of a large amount of liquid phlegm, which children can not properly cough out. A plentiful warm drink, moisturizing the air, as a rule, greatly facilitate coughing in babies.
Have you ever taken amoxiclav and immunal? It is possible that the reaction was on them.

12/07/2011 16:59: Pediatrics / Pediatrician
Irina | | Female 9 years. | | Balashiha

The child had a temperature of 2 days 37, the next 2day 38, at 5 they called a doctor, diagnosed the flu. prescribed flemoxin. on the morning after the day of taking Flemoxin (3 r at 250 mg) the face was very swollen, the child tossed and turned constantly in sleep, in the morning said that it was difficult to breathe a bit. Vasus came, increased the dose of suprastin to 1/2 tablet 2 r daily (it was 1/3) and said CONTINUE Flemoxin. today gave a dose of Flemoxin once in the afternoon, now the face is still swollen, I'm afraid to give it at all.
What to do? 08.12.11 05:51: Chervyakov Igor Yurievich »» »

This is NOT a FLU! Influenza is not treated with antibiotics! It is obligatory to call the pediatrician for an examination (better than another).

08.12.11 15:46: Paretskaya Alena Mikhailovna »» »

the best thing in this case is to contact another doctor and cancel all prescribed therapy. And still to hand over the analysis wet.

13.11.2010 20:36: Pediatrics / Pediatrician
Catherine | | Husband. 23 years old. | | N.Novgorod

Здравствуйте.Сыну 1.7 month I got sick with conjunctivitis and runny nose. Treated ophthalmoferon, influferonom. nazivinom and finistilom 3 days and on the 4th day since the morning he had swollen feet and hands. Hives appeared. Doctors and I think that it was on the ophthalmophore appeared edema quincke. Yesterday, a shot of suprastin was made without a result. Today, a prednisolone and tawigil injection was made. the improvement is not great. What to do next? Whether to prune prednisolone? Thanks 15.11.10 13:45: Paretskaya Alena Mikhailovna »» »

on ophthalmoferon, he would have got out in the first 30 minutes, andnot after 4 days. Further it is necessary to search for the reason - to hand over urine and a blood is not an allergy. and certainly not the quintet. can be a childhood infection and a complication from the heart and kidneys.

07.03.2012 11:33: Allergology and Immunology / Allergist
Egor | | Husband. 26 years. | | russia anapa

hello. Prompt can be at hereditary predisposition to a quincke. there will only be edema from stress. nerves without an allergen or all the same there should be an allergy. 03/07/12 10:35 PM: Lavrentiev Alexander Vadimovich »» »

Good afternoon! There is such a disease - hereditary angioedema. If you mean this problem - yes, it can develop without an allergen.

12.01.2016 15:39: Allergology and immunology / Children's allergist
Elena | | Female 25 years. | | russia novokuznetsk

Hello. How to be. child two years! It was the turn of the second mantoux trial, the first one put in a year, without incident! Child with the birth of an allergic person, a food allergy. an allergy to cow's milk protein, goat's milk, and then started on eggs too! Although the eggs we ate, the allergy accumulated and gave away the Quincke's edema. The allergy begins so, the person becomes covered by a urticaria in some places, then to watery eyes, sneezes, then start to swell eyes, a nose if in time not to give fenistil. three times even had an angioedema. Has read through that to children allergikam with an edema quinte is contraindicated test of a mantu though in the first year put, nothing was, but the allergen has property to collect! Tell me how to be? To bet or not? Very worried, I'm afraid of this swelling, anaphylactic shock against a background of allergies! Thanks in advance for the answer! 12.01.16 22:02: Paletsky Stanislav Grigorievich »» »

Do DIASKINTEST (a variant of Mantoux, onlyanother drug) or donate blood from the vein - a quantiferon test. Because this is a screening diagnosis of tuberculosis, then another option is to do nothing at all. Wait another year, and then decide.

08.11.2012 13:22: Allergology and Immunology / Allergist
Tatyana | | Female 33 years old. | | Russia Moscow

A question to the allergist.
The dear doctor!
I appeal to you with the following question: on Friday evening (03.11.12) my husband primed the room (we have repairs), the smell was strong. Went to bed. The knees, elbows and hands (fingers, phalanges of fingers) began to be itched. Fingers smeared Fenistil-gel, he itched me off. In the morning, my fingers swelled, but not much, during the day I drank 4 tablets of suprastin. On Saturday again, we continued to repair, again primed and shpatlevali room, I constantly wiped the dust / dirt from repair. I did not add any new products to food. Allergy never suffered anything. By the evening of Saturday, there was a little swelling above the eyes. And different parts of the body were scratched point-by-point. Went to bed. At 7 am I woke up, my fingers were like sausages, they did not really bend, and my eyes, like an alcoholic, practically closed, all swelled up. I immediately called an ambulance, I was injected with Prednisalon and hospitalized in 52 hospitals (Oktyabrskoe pole) with a diagnosis of angioedema. When I entered the hospital, my edema immediately passed, and there they treated for two days in a jet of prednisone and intramuscular suprastin. On Tuesday I was discharged. They told us to drink Telfast (1 month for 1 tablet) with a gradual dose release and, if suddenly attack, then 20 drops of Zirtek under the tongue. And to keep to a diet, add 1 new product every three days. At me questions such: in the mornings still there is a small tumescence above eyes (as though has not slept) it is normal, or it should leave? Maybe I was not treated permanently? There is also a slight itch that goes away after I take Telfast's pill. Is this how it should be? so is the question about nutrition, do I need to follow a diet or can I eat as before. because I did not have anything to do with allergy. Do I have to take allergens and if necessary after the expiration of which period? I'm sorry for the chaotically laid out story, I'm very nervous and worried about my condition. 11/8/12 5:43 PM: Lavrentiev Alexander Vadimovich »» »

A generalized allergic reaction in the form ofQuincke's edema leaves behind a "tail" long enough. Provocation of allergens in you continues (because the smell after the repair will be stored in the house for a long time). On a hypoallergenic diet, it makes sense to last at least 2-3 months, and only then expand it in agreement with the allergist (the fact that previously you did not notice the reactions to products does not mean that you did not have them). Concerning the volume and timing of the allergic test, ask your doctor for help - by the way, you need to have an allergist for at least a year. Now allergic tests do not make sense.

03.02.2013 19:31: Allergology and immunology / Allergist
Svetlana | | Female 34 years old. | | Russia Kiev

Hello! Tell me please if there is swelling in the throat of the throat it will be visible or it will be weak and cause only discomfort? 04.02.13 07:09: Dmitry Vyacheslavovich »» »

Edema (Quincke) in the throat and respiratory tract is manifested by difficulty breathing and requires urgent care.

04.02.13 13:35: Ekaterina Vladimirovna »» »

There may be minor swelling and causedifficulty breathing without acute respiratory failure. But something tells me that you have the wrong case and you are trying to stick the quincke's edema to something else.

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