Treatment of umbilical cord edema

girl 3 years old, (born-forced cesareansection, a strong umbilical cord edema) without visible symptoms of CPD and only at 1, 5, accidentally caused by an adult member of the family, a surgeon-traumatologist diagnosed the child with a quick examination of the child and where there were children's doctors and sisters, because they all visited her at home . In 1, 5 years it is difficult to get one's legs apart. it is not necessary to stand alone, they diagnosed with central nervous system although before that physicians wrote off that the child was 7 months old, legs were sabotaged, but supposedly all the reflexes of the child were normal, now for more than 8 months we are doing massage at a good massage, honey, science, is the result , but the knee joint is very weak (on the knees it is worn, but standing 4-6 steps and flops), the foot looks like an iron with a bulging coal inside, the left leg is almost full of feet, with the emphasis on the heel, and the right little rests on the sock, although with a reminder it can stand up to the whole thing ny doctor says about any supporting suit, but where it zaKazat. and advises; - when you contact an orthopedist, do not agree to gipsovaye, t, k, will sweep the massage, is this so and what do we do, thanks? I asked this question, the Moscow orthopedist. The following answer was given to him. Clinic NIITOAdres: 630 091, Novosibirsk, ul. Frunze, 17Registrature of the polyclinic department Multichannel telephone (383) 211- 10- 40, 224-46-74 To make an appointment: Magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography (383) 224-52- 01 Radiological studies, densitometry (383) 224-46- 59 Consultative and rehabilitation center for children and adolescents with musculoskeletal conditions: Address: 630091, Novosibirsk, ul. Krylova, 7 tel. (383) 221- 34 75 MATSUK SERGEI AL. - On the 2nd day we got to Matsuk for a reception, 5 minutes, examined only the foot, did not say anything, sent a disability registration, is going to make an incision. How should we be? all work by themselves, the masseurs do not know which orthopedist to turn to, do not undertake to do the massage, those children, to whom the surgeons made incisions, and the traumatologist-oroped, insists to do it, - -refer to all specialists. but no one can help, although the child is only with a weakly expressed CP. And this girl lives in the huge city of NOVOSIBIRSK. paid already to all specialists a lot of money, but there is no sense. O. [email protected] de

What is CPB? Cerebral palsy? You have a very confusing story.

Stunned! Is that all you can say, doctor?