Mom died of cerebral edema

"Dianochko, lean towards your father, do not be afraid," the mother-in-law of Juliet Chugaev, a warrior, asks her seven-year-old granddaughter.

"You can touch my dad," the widow, Diana's mom Raisa Nazarenko, is coming. - In the head you can pozyomat.

- Touch your feet, so as not to be afraid (such a sign), - adds Juliette Vassilievna.

- For shoes. Two handles.

"Our father is a hero," my mother comforts my daughter. - Do not get flushed. In the hands pozyomai. Stay with your dad. He will look at you from the sky, looking at the children. Keep you from the sky.</ strong>

Little Diana bends down to kiss her daddy - and say hello, and say goodbye to him.

33-year-old Bogdan Nazarenko, father of Diana, a second-grade student, and little Artemka, he will be only two years old in April, two hours ago brought to his home in Sosnitsa.

The coffin is worth a head to a puff. Along it - chairs for the next of kin. There are wreaths near the walls. On the table there is Bogdan's portrait. He is in a shirt, which was embroidered by Mama Lydia Antonovna. I embroidered two shirts - and my brother Yuri. The room is terribly quiet and peaceful. They wait for their parents. Father Anatoly Nazarenko was the director of the Sosnitsa Agricultural College of Accounting, already a pensioner. Lydia Antonovna's mother worked in the accounting department at the bakery.

Bogdan Nazarenko, a 33-year-old Piskinin, a driverGoncharov Tank Brigade, military unit 1688, died in the war from cerebral edema. On March 17, about ten Bogdan's body was brought to Sosnitsa by a white gazelle from the morgue in the town of Volnovaha, Donetsk region.

He was met as a hero. From the entrance to the village and to the house there was a living corridor, people stood with flowers on their knees. He knew the whole village. He taxed, engaged in business, several years served in the police (resigned from the organs of the senior lieutenant). Studied accounting and auditing in the Chernigov State Institute of Economics and Management. Graduated with a red diploma Sosnitsky Agricultural Technical School.

Bogdan Nazarenko was buried on March 18 in Sosnitsa, sung in the Intercession Church.

In the ATU zone, the fighter was 10 and a half months. He left with the words: "We must, then we must," they recall in the military registration and enlistment office.

"They took it away on April 30," the relatives tell. "It would have been a year already." What's left here? And the cold and the cold in the tents survived.

"Did we think that such a short time would be," mother-in-law Julietta Vasilievna cries. "Where is she, that war is cursed?"

In the house where the warrior spent the night last night,family lives three years. This is the house of grandmother Bogdanova. As my grandmother died, my wife Raisa Igorevna and Diankoi moved, then Artemka was born. The house was gradually built up.

"I had golden hands," says the widow. "And golden in character." The owner was. And on cars, and at home. In one room they made repairs, they took the kitchen and took it. And how they took it-I could not do anything without it. We are all with him. Counting repairs - together, at home - together, on the garden - together. He is the best. I was inseparable from the tenth grade with him, as soon as we met.

Has come home and simply sleeps, - quietly speaks to the husbandand to myself. - Should have come on vacation. They kept, kept, they did not let me go home. And now they let go. We expected him so. Every day I got in touch. And since Friday, from the 11th, there has been no connection. On the 15th at one o'clock in the afternoon they called and said that he was dead. Head trauma, which caused brain edema. At what time of the year, we do not know. Nothing is known.

- The command was negligent, - accuses neighbor Chernobylets.
- What are the circumstances, what happened - is covered in darkness, - adds a relative of Bogdan for his wife Sergei Miroshnichenko. - Hematoma in the head. And from what? Apparently, they did not provide timely medical assistance. Carelessly reacted. The cars were overtaken. About a month before his death Bogdan got into an accident in his car. His head ached.

In Sosnytsky military registration and enlistment office about the accident, if it was,do not know anything. It is believed that edema could have arisen because of trauma, because on the front, everything happens, through concussion, physical and psychological overload, pressure jumps. Categorically reject the version that through alcohol (they say, checked with the part representative).

- Will the family receive compensation of 609 thousand hryvnia?
- Compensation will receive, but not 609 thousand, - said Deputy Military Commissar Yury Mikhailovsky. - After all, officially the fighter died, but did not die during the fighting.

On Sosnichin, the death of Bogdan Nazarenko isthird loss. In July 2014, Anatoly Sokirko, 24, from the village of Wilshane, was killed. In January 2015, 30-year-old Alexander Belokurov was born in Chita, studied in Chernigov, was drafted in Sosnitsa.

at Tamara Kravchenko, weekly "Herald Ч" №12 (1559)

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