How much the breast decreases after the fall of the edema

Reduction mammoplasty or in other wordsBreast reduction surgery is often performed not so much on cosmetic as for physical indications. After all, many women have big breasts that can cause discomfort in the form of pain in the neck, shoulders, back. It happens that, heavy chest, cause permanent headache, stoop, neck strain, respiratory failure, especially in sleep, leads to permanent diaper rash. As a result of reduction mammoplasty, it is possible to obtain a smaller, lighter and more proportionate chest. Typically, during this operation, the size of the stretched areola is also reduced.

breast reduction surgery

There are different methods of conductingoperations, each of which tends to preserve the natural forms of the mammary glands, and the location of the nipple with the surrounding areola. This operation, despite its complexity, does not require a long stay of the patient in the hospital. In pre-operative consultations, the woman should specify the size of the future breast and the doctor in turn to measure the degree of sagging of the breast breast of the patient in a standing, lying and sitting position, which is required to determine the technique and the successful conduct of a future operation.

Also in order to exclude oncologicaldiseases of the breast will be subjected to a thorough examination. If you are planning to lose weight, then this should be done before reduction mammoplasty, otherwise weight loss after surgery will negatively affect the appearance of your breasts. The duration of the operation depends heavily on the experience of the surgeon and the planned workload, and is conducted under general anesthesia for about three hours. During operation, the nipple is moved up to a new position, and the tissue from the lower part of the chest is removed, after which the edges of the operating wound are sewn, giving the newly formed breast as natural as possible. The scar around the nipple after the operation will lighten up and become less noticeable. Male gynecomastia also causes a lot of inconvenience to men, so the operation of breast reduction will help them.

In the first seven days after surgery, sleepsolves only on the back, putting a pillow under your back, which helps reduce the postoperative edema of the tissues. In the wound for a day, drainage tubes will be left to prevent the accumulation of blood and fluid in the surgically treated area. The sutures, around the areola, are removed on the tenth day, the remaining stitches after about 14 days. In order to ensure that the scars are well tightened, the patient should carefully look after them, stick the microporous tape in the first two months after the operation, move gently and avoid sudden movements that can cause stretching of the scars, for example, swinging his hands. Throughout the following year, after reduction mammoplasty, breasts are sensitive enough to the sun. Therefore, keep this in mind when traveling to the sea: use sunscreens and do not strip the chest in the sun.

In the post-op period, you may experience "shooting" pain in the area of ​​the incisions. This restores the nerves - do not worry about these painful sensations.

As a rule, the breasts do not heal properlyat the same time, so at first they may look asymmetrical. At least one month after the operation, any physical exertion should be avoided because they can cause swelling and bleeding in the surgical area.

After reduction mammoplasty, suchside effects: discomfort or pain during movement, decreased sensitivity of some areas of the skin, swelling of the tissues and, associated with this, asymmetry of the mammary glands, a decrease or increase in the sensitivity of the nipples. To accelerate the recovery period and reduce the risks of complications in the postoperative period, always follow all the recommendations of your doctor.

To the usual rhythm of life with certainrestrictions can begin one week after the operation. The result of breast reduction surgery can be estimated only after six months when tissue degeneration, swelling, symmetry returns.