Neurologic symptoms without signs of edema

In the study of the mental statea gross decrease in intelligence and memory is established. The engineer by education, the patient could not perform elementary counting operations, did not remember the usual information from the university course in his specialty. Active attention is sharply violated. The patient incorrectly assesses his condition, considers himself perfectly healthy, able to immediately start working and fulfill his duties. Unkempt, sluggish, at times euphoric.

The presence of diffuse neurologic symptoms,symptoms of amnestic dementia with euphoria, ridiculous actions and a decrease in criticism, the anamnestic data made the assumption of progressive paralysis justified. The correct diagnosis of the tumor of the 3rd ventricle was made after ventriculography. This diagnosis was confirmed in the section. In the posterior part of the ventricle, a tumor was found, which, when microscopically examined, proved to be an astrocytoma. Histological examination did not give grounds for the diagnosis of progressive paralysis.

Characterizing the mental pathology observedwith tumors of area 3 of the ventricle. should consider the appearance of a number of symptoms caused by involvement in the pathological process of the cerebral hemispheres. OS Uspenskaya (1959), after studying the large material of the Burdenko Institute of Neurosurgery, noted, according to the sectional data, that in primary tumors, 3 ventricles, as a rule, more or less widening of the lateral ventricles, phenomena of edema and swelling of the brain and other symptoms , essential for the characterization of general cerebral and focal pathology in patients with 3 ventricular tumors. © 2010