Causes of edema of the cheek in an adult

Allergy on the cheeks of an adult

An allergy on the cheeks of an adult is an unpleasant phenomenon that causes a lot of cosmetic defects and, in addition to physical discomfort, has an unfavorable psychological effect.

It can appear for various reasons, having the obligatory primary source - allergen.

The speed of the onset of the effect in this case depends ontype of allergy, which can be immediate (signs appear within a few minutes-hours) and slow (the first reaction of the body is observed in a day or two).

Causes of an allergy on the cheeks

The cause of an unfavorable autoimmune reaction is the development of a complex of specific substances (histamine, leukotrienes, etc.) in response to the intake of an allergen.

Most often this happens when:

  • the admission of new medicines (the allergy develops not only the substance that caused it once, but also the compounds that are similar in chemical structure);
  • flowering plants (pollens ragweed, poplar fluff and other parts of plants are the cause of pollinosis);
  • contact with certain animals (wool of dogs and cats, feathers of parrots may be an aggressive environment for allergies);
  • the use of certain products (allergies are most often caused by nuts, milk, exotic foods).

Symptoms of an allergy on the face

The allergy on the face is more painful than anything. There are many vital organs here.

  • redness of the membranes of the eye;
  • a rash on the cheeks;
  • cracked skin;
  • hives;
  • itching of affected areas;
  • skin peeling;
  • in especially severe cases - angioedema and anaphylactic shock.

If these symptoms appear, you need to see a doctor, and if they develop very quickly - you need to resuscitate the patient.

The presence of an allergy on the face requires special attention and regular treatment.