Reactions in any situations of edema

In our time, a fairly large numbersore throat. Most of them are manifested in several different reasons, many are quite different from each other by the nature of the occurrence. With regard to symptoms, they can also be very different, however, one symptom is almost always present - a swelling of the throat. About what the consequences may cause the swelling of the respiratory tract, for whatever reason it occurs, as well as what diseases provoke this phenomenon now, and we'll talk.

What is the swelling of the throat?

First of all, it is worth to tell about the specificsof this phenomenon. Calling an edema sickness is fundamentally wrong, because frankly speaking, it is just a symptom of some disease, or rather the body's response to an external stimulus, and the treatment of the edema itself will not work, it can only be reduced.

So what happens to the throat at the time of swelling? All at the same time it is very simple and quite difficult, because in the basis of the chemical and physical processes. In simple terms, edema most often provokes two problems,it is an allergic reaction of a particular nature or a cold disease.

That is, talking about the common cold, the body getsvirus (this occurs when the immune system weakens), an active inflammatory process begins in the throat, and as a result, a large amount of fluid accumulated in the body flows into the mucosa, and it (mucosa) increases in size. At the initial stages, the swelling of the throat only causes discomfort in the form of perspiration, possible itching or pain, affecting completely different areas, such as tonsils, larynx, root of the tongue and so on.

However, there are more difficult situations, mainly with an acute allergic reaction, when the edema spreads so quickly and severely that it can completely block the airways.

In this case, knowing about your allergy, a personmust carry with him special high-speed drugs aimed at immediate removal of edema. If the allergy manifests itself for the first time, or there are signs that breathing is difficult, you should immediately consult a doctor who will identify the cause of the problem, provide first aid and prescribe treatment.

It's no secret that the reasons why a personswelling of the throat, can be completely different. Also worth noting that these reasons can be quite a lot, here are the most common and often found among them:

  • Allergic reactions - they are of several types, in the first caseThis is a seasonal allergy, the treatment of which is very difficult and is most often aimed at reducing symptoms in times of exacerbation. The second case is a food allergy, everything is somewhat simpler, it is important not to eat foods that can cause inflammation or other manifestations.
  • Swelling of the throat due to disease, which, by the way, can be either of a viral nature. and bacterial. At the time of the disease should be treatednot the edema itself, but directed destruction of the disease by antibiotics, or other means, most often under the strict supervision of the doctor. Among the most common diseases are pharyngitis, acute and chronic tonsillitis, and also laryngitis.
  • Mechanical damage can also lead to inflammatory processes,which in turn are reflected by swelling, in some cases quite serious. To injuries of this kind include all kinds of injuries, the consequences of surgical intervention, swallowing foreign objects with visible damage, as well as burns, for example, because of drinking hot or alcoholic beverages.
  • Syphilis and tuberculosis also able to cause swelling of the larynx, at the time of aggravation of these terrible diseases.
  • Vascular diseases. as well as heart disease can also be accompanied by swelling of the throat and other organs, but in this case a person should be constantly observed by a doctor who will tell what to do in such situations.
  • If we also consider less common causes, then the swelling of the throat can occur in the case of liver cirrhosis, inflammatory processes in the cartilages of the larynx, radiotherapy, X-ray studies.

Methods for treating throat swelling

Before "treating", but it is more correct to sayto eliminate the swelling of the throat, it is necessary to determine the causes of its occurrence. If the cause is a cold, viral or bacterial disease, all efforts should be directed to its treatment. The edema will pass by itself, and usually in such cases it does not pose a particular danger.

As for the relief of puffiness during illnesses, it is recommended to gargle with a light soda solution. in order to remove the inflammation. You can also do inhalation on infusions of chamomile, sage and St. John's wort. And of course it will not be superfluous to drink a lot of warm liquid with honey and lemon, this treatment has not harmed anyone yet.

If the cause is a severe allergic reaction, you should immediately consult a doctor, and while you get to the hospital, it is not superfluous to take anything anti-allergic.

There are, of course, cases when, for some reason,the throat swells so much that urgent medical intervention is required. In such situations, there is a risk of blocking the airways and, as a result, suffocation. But in medicine, there is a tracheotomy procedure, where access to the lungs of a person is obtained through urgent surgical intervention, so you can quickly restore the supply of oxygen to the body and save life.

This is not a complete list of possible methodstreatment, there are many methods that are used in different situations. Some of them can only be conducted by an experienced doctor, others can be carried out by himself, the third is purely medicamental, but in any case, the right answer to the question "what to do?" Can only be given to you by a doctor.

As you can see, the swelling of the throat in most casesdoes not pose a particular threat. However, to treat this problem lightly in no case can not, because there are cases when this kind of reaction of the organism can at best cause serious harm to a person, and at worst cause a lethal outcome. Treatment for swelling can also be completely different, but in any case it is worthwhile to turn to a good doctor who will understand the causes of the problems and can quickly eliminate them.